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  1. juni

    Smoking Room / Man Cave (56k Beware Pic Heavy)

    I just realized that I need a man cave. Think the wife would object to re-doing the garage? :lol:
  2. juni

    Star Trek - Into Darkness

    I was entertained, but not one I would watch again. I did like the first "new" Star Trek movie better. I just wish there was a new TV show coming also. :(
  3. juni

    Smoking in a Vehicle

    This is the only thing I smoke in my car: A vaporizer. It is also the device that finally got me to quit cigarettes after smoking them for 30 years.
  4. juni

    Show-Off Your Stanwell Pipes Here!

    Sure, I also have the golden flamegrain one: And a couple of 2010 POYs: And a double stemmed HCA: ... and a horn: ...and a straight Stanwell: I also have a few Royal Danishes and Danish Clubs, but they are seconds of Stanwell (although I haven't noticed any difference in quality). I like...
  5. juni

    What Languages do You Speak?

    Swedish, Finnish, English, German, Nonsense. :lol:
  6. juni

    I've Got a Wonderful Wifey

    I've been using the "If you want me to quit cigs then I am going to be needing that pipe and those tobaccos". I am running out of excuses quickly. :lol:
  7. juni

    Favorite Homemade Blend Recipes

    Add a couple of pinches of MacBaren's Vanilla Cream to a bowl of Half&Half.
  8. juni

    Oxidation on a New Pipe

    Frankly I'd rather clean them myself than have the store do it. This is how I lost the logo on one of my more expensive Savinellis. :( (How do you get the logo back? Carefully apply white paint?)
  9. juni

    All Day Compact Pipe

    Any of the Stanwell Featherweights would do too. I like this shape a lot:
  10. juni

    Avatars - Where, When, and What Were You Smoking?

    A year or so back at the sea, smoking a Peterson zulu. I can't remember what for sure but I think it is Irish Oak, I smoke a lot of that. :lol:
  11. juni

    Rattray's Pipe Tobacco

    Marlin Flake was one of the first tobaccos I bought. Been missing it since then. It is a gem.
  12. juni

    Peterson Old Dublin

    All I can say about Old Dublin: Ewww, burning cat litter. (But then again, I can't stand latakia.)
  13. juni

    Stanwell's Handmade Line

    I've had problems with thin, tall bowls myself. I guess I used to pack too tight in the early days.
  14. juni

    Need Help Price Checking HUGE Pipe Collection

    What is that metal pipe top left? Looks interesting. Seems your dad preferred straight pipes. :)
  15. juni

    Stanwell's Handmade Line

    Is it hard to keep those chimneys going? I'd assume they need a lot of re-lights.
  16. juni

    Show Off Your $2000+ Pipes Here

    I'd love to get a couple of S.Bangs. :(
  17. juni

    Should I Get A Tattoo ?

    Why not? It can be painful depending on where you get it. I got mine on the wrist, just below the hand and it hurt like crazy. No reputable tattoo shop would give you a disease, they are really clean and particular over hygiene.
  18. juni

    Why I Hate Peterson System Pipes

    Cotton with booze on Q-tips seem to be the only way for me to clean the "system". It did take a very long time to break in my two system pipes but then again, Peterson stained everything inside and out on them.
  19. juni

    I Hate Driving

    I remember when we had smoking carriages on the trains. Once I fell asleep in one - didn't need to smoke anything for a day after that. :lol:
  20. juni

    I Hate Driving

    I drove 400 miles on my vacation, although not in one sitting. I don't mind freeway driving if the landscape is nice but city center driving is aggravating. Wild turkeys can be vicious, ever heard of attack turkeys? :lol: