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  1. futureman

    Jim's Watch City American Cut Plug Mixture Review.

    I’ve been looking forward to this release. Although I wasn’t aware that Red Virginia would be a major player.
  2. futureman

    Core Four

    I could live on just three: WCC Flake 558 Carter Hall GH Brown Flake U/S
  3. futureman

    Brief GH Brown Flake Unscented Review

    As I was sayin, I'm really enjoying this blend.
  4. futureman

    Brief GH Brown Flake Unscented Review

    Since my original post, I’ve read that shipments from have little to no residual Lakeland essence. Perhaps this is due to storing methods? I really couldn’t say.
  5. futureman

    Brief GH Brown Flake Unscented Review

    By virtue of their storied history and reputation, I've been wanting to try one of GH's products. The last drop gave me an opportunity to do so. I suspect I would not be a fan of the Lakelands, so I went with something low-risk: Brown Flake Unscented. I've read that this blend would likely have...
  6. futureman

    Top 3 Burley’s?

    Maybe one day…
  7. futureman

    Best Peach?

    You're all insane!
  8. futureman

    I'm Losing my Mind

    A blender who is a favorite of many here is working on a VaBur blend (among others). My hope is that his efforts will yield something that rivals many of these hard to acquire products (Germain, Esoterica, HU, etc.).
  9. futureman

    Ribbon cut VA recs

    I really like ribbon cut blends, too. If you enjoy perique with your VA, Telegraph Hill and Elizabethan Mixture (as well as Match Victorian) are really nice.
  10. futureman

    Jim's Missouri Meerschaum Reviews.

    Party Line looks intriguing to me, but if it's more than a light aromatic, I might pass.
  11. futureman

    New releases?

    🤔 Is one a VaBur? Very anxious to try the blend Ernie is developing.
  12. futureman

    Iron Butt Swap Ride

    These threads never contain what I'm hoping to find. No butts (iron or otherwise). And no butt swapping.
  13. futureman

    Blend Reserved for Treats?

    That is wild! I have not heard this. I may just crack open my single tin of Dunhill flake.
  14. futureman

    Blend Reserved for Treats?

    Wish someone would would bring this blend back.
  15. futureman

    Modern Burleys vs. Codger Burleys

    Very interested in this and Pegasus. Surprised I've not yet pulled the trigger on either one. BTW, I've mixed CH and Five Brothers to good effect. The two need a few weeks to marry, I think. Hat-tip to @pipestud for the suggestion.
  16. futureman

    (More) Blends I’d Like to See

    Pennsylvania Dutch Oven
  17. futureman

    Have Any Blends Gotten Better?

    It's probably best I never experienced the original version. I really like this blend, especially after the DFK has mellowed.
  18. futureman


    Life hack: duct tape the coins to your nipples and then work out or go for a run. Maybe a long schvitz. Doesn't matter as long as you sweat. After that, let the coins dry out for about a half hour. Stuff 'em into your favorite pipe and enjoy. Not sure what taping them to your nipples really...
  19. futureman

    Plastic in Capstan

    The plastic shards used in tobacco really changed circa 2019, and not for the better. I suppose the manufacturers thought they could save a few pennies by replacing higher quality plastic with a cheap alternative. First they substitute perique with dark fired. Now this.
  20. futureman

    In Defense of Codger Blends

    I smoke a bowl of Carter Hall every morning while drinking coffee. It’s such an easy, pleasant smoke. I can’t imagine not having it around.