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  1. Zeno Marx

    What Does “System” Pipe Mean?

    I've always been confused with this moisture situation. Sure, I've had pipes, or rather tobaccos or humidity levels, that resulted in more moisture than others, but 95% of the time, it's not an issue. It certainly doesn't happen often enough that i need a special system or design to remedy it...
  2. Zeno Marx

    How long to smoke a bowl?

    The big bowls of the 1990s (magnum, ODA, ODB), up to 2 hours. I have a couple now (group 6 or so) that when relaxed and smoking right (me, not the pipe), 60-75 minutes. But usually 20-30 minutes for a group 3-4. Sorry, but I grew up around Dunhill collectors (never one myself), and the sizes...
  3. Zeno Marx

    The Joy of a new Zippo

    Love to hear about baling hay. I grew up in a small, rural farm town (pop.2000, no street lights, one bank, 2 grocery stores, brick roads), and it was my very first job. Turned out to be my best paying job for years too, which was a rude awakening for a bit there. Chewed leaf tobacco, so no...
  4. Zeno Marx

    Nicotine or Relaxation?

    If I smoke two bowls in a day, I don't feel well. It's a very rare thing though, as I average around 3 bowls per week. I enjoy the two smokes on those rare occasions, and it isn't a sickness feeling. I just feel a little off or not 100%, if that makes sense. I've always been this way with a...
  5. Zeno Marx

    Does the Quality of a Pipe Increase with its Price?

    J. Mouton is the correct spelling, and it appears he's deleted his youtube channel. I cannot find the video I cited. There are some strange videos about his pipes on youtube. Maybe AI generated? Or maybe something happened in the youtuber pipe community that I didn't see? As much as I like...
  6. Zeno Marx

    Does the Quality of a Pipe Increase with its Price?

    When Jay Moulten (sp?) had some videos on youtube, he talked about the pipe he was smoking in most of his videos. It was the first pipe he made. He made every mistake in the book and felt he couldn't sell it in good conscience. He kept it for a smoker, and it turns out that just because...
  7. Zeno Marx

    My Lent Regret

    at least you're struggling. isn't that the whole point? I know a guy who gave up sweets, but finds every loophole possible. Fruit aren't sweets? Juice isn't sweets? Mints with fake sugar aren't sweets? Raisin bagels aren't sweets? And on some Sundays, they say it is admissible to partake in what...
  8. Zeno Marx

    Why do You Smoke a Pipe?

    `I started smoking because 1) I like the act of smoking 2) I'm a master procrastinator and do most things last minute 3) I would have to write all night long to meet deadlines (see 2). I needed wanted something to do while I thought, organized, wrote, and edited all night long. Now I do it for...
  9. Zeno Marx

    Softy-bits Alternative

    The tubing they use on water softeners etc. Another user, and a youtuber or two, mentioned vinyl tubing as an alternative to pipe bits. I've found 3/8" and 1/2" cover a large range of pipe stem sizes (inner diameter tubing specs). Less expensive and more durable, though it requires a little...
  10. Zeno Marx

    Buying Multiples of the Same Pipe

    I appreciate people who do this. I'm not so driven to do it myself because I'm such a fickle pipe buyer and minimalist. I think I want to do this, but then I get distracted and go down another road. Get obsessed, but by the time I'm looking to buy the third iteration of the maker/shape, I'm...
  11. Zeno Marx

    Olive Oil: Which Has The Best Flavour?

    If I understand the reporting accurately, nothing really guarantees olive oil purity. There's so much organized crime involved at various levels that nobody can be sure, unless you're maybe buying at the farm's kiosk. Speaking of Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. Isn't the same thing is happening in...
  12. Zeno Marx

    Olive Oil: Which Has The Best Flavour?

    I hear you. I too try to use as little fat as possible. These fad diets that say it is OK to eat as much of certain fats as you want sound entirely like, "I know this is what you want to hear, so I'll tell you what you want to hear." God forbid the answer might be show a little restraint and...
  13. Zeno Marx

    Olive Oil: Which Has The Best Flavour?

    I haven't found this to be true. For instance, I picked up some EVOO from Sam's Club a couple years ago, and I noticed residue in my skillets. It took me a while to figure out it was the EVOO and not too much heat or the foods etc. When I switched to another brand, it no longer happened...
  14. Zeno Marx

    Perfume on Pipe!

    +1 soap and running water and then rewax. might as well tube brush the airways and scotchbrite pad the bowl chambers. if you have to rewax, go all the way and bring it back newish.
  15. Zeno Marx

    How Many Bowls do You Smoke a Day?

    2 or so a week. even when I managed a tobacco shop, 1 per day, and on rare occasion, 2-3 in a day. My body doesn't do well with more than that. Never has. I have some kind of internal timer too, because if I smoke a bowl, I won't even think about it again for 24 hours.
  16. Zeno Marx

    Pipe Stands. Stem Up Or Stem Down?

    When I was a kid, the jewelry store had a shelf or three of knickknacks. Mostly ugly big glass crystal things for the kids to buy for their moms, as it was the only store in town for any feminine gifting. I digress. But it had some oddball things too. One of them was a Doomsday Device. It...
  17. Zeno Marx

    Show Your Best Unknown Maker Pipes

    I don't recognize the shape, but that stamp looks like something out of the Charatan factory. Does the tenon look similar to this? If yes, it would also lead me to believe it came from Charatan.
  18. Zeno Marx

    Frankensteined Charatan?

    *notice the shank spliced onto the bowl. two different pieces of wood.
  19. Zeno Marx

    Frankensteined Charatan?

    I've seen quite a few Charatans, and at times, I've collected them myself. I've never seen one like this. If my suspicions are accurate, this took some time (sloppy stem fitting, though). The shank might be Charatan, but that prince-like bowl does not really resemble their version of a...
  20. Zeno Marx

    Show Your Best Unknown Maker Pipes

    if we could see the stamp, I bet someone could figure out which maker was behind it.