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  1. onemangang

    My Tastes Have Changed Or Have They?

    I started off smoking Tinder Box Aros back in the 80's. I then started smoking Danish blends like MB. Then I moved briefly to English blends. Then on to Va/Pers. Then to Va's. Now I'm on an OTC burley kick with cobs! I think our progression through different tobaccos and pipes is part of...
  2. onemangang

    Corn Cob Shapes

    The General is becoming my favorite shape.
  3. onemangang

    What's your top 5 tobaccos right now?

    MB HH Mature Virginia SG Squadron Leader MB Navy Flake MC Deep Hollow MB Mixture Flake
  4. onemangang

    What are You Smoking? December, 2012

    Squadron Leader in a BC bulldog.
  5. onemangang

    How long have you been smoking a pipe?

    Off and on for 25 years.
  6. onemangang

    What are You Reading?

    Catching up on my periodicals; Garden & Gun and Bourbon Review.
  7. onemangang

    Slow Puff Cafe

    I fish mostly for catfish off my dock. SOMETIMES I even put bait on my hook. Seriously though, most of my time at the lake is spent relaxing and looking at the water. Some folks "don't get it" though. Great place to roast a bowl.
  8. onemangang

    Slow Puff Cafe

    I'll be 41 this December. I've been married for 15 years and have a wonderful 11 YO daughter. I grew up on a farm in souh Georgia. Been smoking a pipe off and on since I was 16. I am the director of a private/non-profit nature center. I spend most of my free time on Lake Blackshear in SWGA. I...
  9. onemangang

    An Ivarsson Stanwell and a Karl Erik Sitter

    I love my Nanna. Probably my most prized pipe. Classic, classic, classic design.
  10. onemangang

    August 2011 - What are you Smoking? II

    W.O. Larsen Signature Vintage Mixture in a new to me Butz Choquin Rocbrune Bulldog! Got the Larsen in a swap and the BC for $35! I used to not like bulldogs. NOW I DO!!!
  11. onemangang

    Pipes as Weapons?

    Ok, after more thought, I think a HEAVY lovat would work best. Sell it with about 3 short, stubby, sacrificial stems. You don't want it to LOOK like a weapon.
  12. onemangang

    Pipes as Weapons?

    I'm thinking about getting UA to design and make me a pipe that could be used as a weapon in a pinch! Thinking along the lines of a "fist fill" or kubotan type weapon. - Must be stout - Must feel good when griped - Must smoke well Shapes that might work: - Poker - Cutty - Hawksbill The bit...
  13. onemangang

    What's the one song.....

    I've never seen Pink Floyd. I saw the last show the Dead played in Atlanta before Jerry died. Going to see Widespread Panic this October. It looks like this might be their last tour for a while. For some reason, I would really like to see Justin Townes Earle. I am afraid his time on this good...
  14. onemangang

    New Tobacco Suggestions

    Deep Hollow and Grey Havens are very nice.
  15. onemangang

    August 2011 - What are you Smoking? II

    Club Blend in a Stanwell De Luxe.
  16. onemangang

    What do You do?

    I run a private/non-profit nature preserve.
  17. onemangang

    What's The Difference? (Rhodesian or Bulldog)

    These two bulldogs will be added to my collection soon. Oops, only one loaded. The other one is also a BC but it is smooth.
  18. onemangang

    John Benjamin Has a Van

    Has anyone seen this show? Last nights episode had a scene where John was interviewing the leader of a church who believed Jesus smoked a pipe. In the skit, there were only 2 pipes remaining that Jesus smoked One was in Italy and the other was owned by the guitarist from Metallica. I'm a...
  19. onemangang

    TAD Purchases

    I just got in the following: Grey Havens (good gracious, this stuff is goooood) Deep Hollow FMOTT Autumn Evening Stanwell Melange