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  1. captaincalabash

    Hello from Denmark!

    Another hello and welcome from Texas!
  2. captaincalabash

    PAD Strikes Again

  3. captaincalabash

    Hello! I am Sidney.

    Welcome from North Texas!
  4. captaincalabash

    My pipe smoking buddy is gone

    That truly hurts. Blessings and comfort to you.
  5. captaincalabash

    What The Heck?

    Could it be the remnant of one of these? I believe they are called bouchons.
  6. captaincalabash

    Corn cob variety or seeds for pipe making

    My son-in-law and I decided to give this a try a few years ago, using corn cobs from dinner. I chopped 'em to length, scraped 'em again on the outside, the put 'em in the oven on low temperature for about an hour or so. Next, I got a drill bit that appeared to fit (3/4", I think) and a 3/8" bit...
  7. captaincalabash

    A Safety Tip And Warning

    Prayers for a speedy and painless full recovery.
  8. captaincalabash

    Lifespan of Pipe Smokers

    Is this the same study (1964 because that's the last year they could find a large number of pipe smokers to survey) that showed on average pipe smokers lived 2 years longer than non-smokers?
  9. captaincalabash

    Pipe Smoking Detective

    I appreciate what you're saying about the use of pipes in movies. The most recent example I can think of, though not a detective, is Aragorn sitting in a dark corner of the Prancing Pony Inn awaiting the hobbits in "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring". When Butterburr points him out...
  10. captaincalabash

    Me in my old age

    Very effective!
  11. captaincalabash

    Me in my old age

    Whoa! Tell me what tobacco you are smoking so I can throw it away if I have any! (Seriously amazing photoshop work, by the way!)
  12. captaincalabash

    Me in my old age

    I am confused by all these "older" folks running around forgetting where their glasses are (on top of their heads), forgetting why they walked into this room (hint: they never left it), and acting startled to find that they are in the car but out of the garage! Even more confusing...they all...
  13. captaincalabash

    Oom Pauls

    Thanks, this is great stuff! I need to go and dig out my Hungarian pipe that my wife gave me and see how eastern or western the design is. I really appreciate your research and sharing of knowledge!
  14. captaincalabash

    Oom Pauls

    Is this what you mean when you spoke of "flat sides from bowl to stummel"? I find this "veeeeery interestingk" as Arte Johnson would say (but not "shtoopid"). I appreciate your knowledge on the subject!
  15. captaincalabash

    Who Taught You to Smoke a Pipe?

    Scandanavian Tobacco Group website, "This Pipe Life" forum.
  16. captaincalabash

    Who Taught You to Smoke a Pipe?

    I understand. I sincerely hope you are doing well, and again, my best wishes.
  17. captaincalabash

    Who Taught You to Smoke a Pipe?

    @motie2 Hey! I miss you from This Pipe Life forum, brother. Are you doing alright? My best wishes to you.
  18. captaincalabash

    Yet Another Ye Ol' British Television Thread

    I've only watched bits and pieces of Sharpe, but I picked up the first book in the series a few years back and after reading it became obsessed! I read the whole series through in order and enjoyed it thoroughly! It might be time to do the same with the t.v. series, the bit of campiness only...
  19. captaincalabash

    Favourite Tin Illustration

    Cornell & Diehl Autumn Evening - just a glance and I'm there!