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  1. TexJake

    Storage Boxes

    Those 18 & 24 slot boxes are exactly what I use. They’re great
  2. TexJake

    Coloring Progress Over Time/No of Bowls in one Meerschaum Pipe

    Great update, thanks for sharing. The mystery of coloring on these is interesting.
  3. TexJake

    WTB: Small Humidor

    Look on eBay for Seahorse 56 Micro - they’re about $20, and lockable if it matters. Toss a Boveda pack in, and you’ll be set for months. I’ve used these with great success for quite a while, much less maintenance than a traditional humidor.
  4. TexJake

    Ruins of Windsor by The Country Squire

    Thanks for adding your review and opinion. I remember seeing some less positive opinions when this was released, good to hear from those who enjoy it.
  5. TexJake

    Dan Tobacco St Bernard Flake

    I enjoy St Bernard quite a bit, ordered more from Esterval’s with this sale. It does need some dry time, but it’s a very good, almost bold, solid blend with no nonsense that can be an anytime smoke for me. The flavor about halfway through the bowl is always my favorite part with this one.
  6. TexJake

    Jim's C&D Steamworks (Small Batch) Review.

    I would also like to see more in the future like this. I agree that Orientals seem to be “the thing” right now, but this one stands out for me in a really good way.
  7. TexJake

    Who Is Your Smoking Pal?

    This little gal usually sits with me on the back patio. Lately she’s been getting after cicadas, but when I’m not looking she sneaks over to the low glass top table and takes my burnt matches and chews them up.
  8. TexJake

    Old Toby from The Country Squire

    I enjoyed Old Toby, but I preferred Blue Ribbon and White Rose from their aromatic line. LeFleur’s Bluff was quite good, and I’m looking forward to trying their anniversary blend that I got a tin of. Haven’t yet tried Ruins of Windsor, but I have it in a jar… that one hasn’t gotten quite the...
  9. TexJake

    Your Opinions on Morta

    I really like my two morta pipes. They are both shapes that aren’t well represented in the rest of my collection, and I’ve reserved them for a couple of specific blends that I enjoy out of these pipes over other briars - primarily Semois and Lakeland heavy blends. I don’t know if that’s much...
  10. TexJake

    ***What Are You Smoking, September, 2023?***

    Special smoke for me this evening, thinking of my father. Aged GLP Quiet Nights in a Lars Ivarsson.
  11. TexJake

    MM Corncobs - Chewing Gum as Pipe Mud

    I don’t know that I would give chewing gum a go here. Pipe mud is remarkably easy, even without the cigar ash. Just keep the ash from your pipe bowls, and make sure to either not include the dottle or separate it later. With MM cobs, I usually chop out the shank extension that goes into the...
  12. TexJake

    Huge Estervals Sale

    There’s a page somewhere on the site that explains the tiers for shipping by region. It may be once you start to process your order. I’ve always just expected somewhere between 50 and 70 USD for shipping, and just order enough that the per tin or per weight savings is validated. It’s limited me...
  13. TexJake

    Codger Gold!! C&D Three Friars: Opinions?

    I just got some and looking forward to trying it tomorrow. I enjoy Haunted Bookshop as a regular “grab and go” when I can’t really decide on something else and I just want to have a smoke. We’ll see how this blend goes over for me, glad this thread put this one on my radar.
  14. TexJake

    Two More Alden’s for the Stable

    Fair enough - taste is personal. But, I think these are pretty good examples of his work. The difference is that you, knowing that you wouldn’t part with your money for his work, likely wouldn’t ask him to start 2 new projects for you either. 🤣
  15. TexJake

    Hello from Austin, TX

    Howdy from right down the road in the Hill Country!
  16. TexJake

    Smoking Room Ventilation

    Ozone generator is fine if used properly. I run one in my truck about once every 6-8 weeks for about 20 minutes with windows up and AC set to recirc. After that 20 min, open the windows and let the AC run for about 15-20 minutes before getting back in. I’ve used the same approach for rooms in...
  17. TexJake

    SPC has some SG in stock

    They also had some bulk brown #2 and Bright CR, but I waited too long after adding to my cart to snap it up. These SG drops go quick! 😕
  18. TexJake

    ***What Are You Smoking, August 2023?***

    HU Balkan Passion in a Dunhill 2102. In the truck outside the hotel… evening smokes this week will be a little different.
  19. TexJake

    ***What Are You Smoking, August 2023?***

    Edisto in a J.Alan
  20. TexJake

    ***What Are You Smoking, August 2023?***

    I actually end up doing this fairly regularly (not the Marlboro Reds part, the snuff + pipe part). It’s not intentional, but I’ll sit down with my pipe and forget that I’ve got a dip in.