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  1. greysmoke

    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2024?***

    3 Oaks Syrian in a meer.
  2. greysmoke

    Black Sails Pirate Drama: Any Good?

    Aargh. YMMV.
  3. greysmoke

    So is This What a $hit Storm Looks Like?

    My vehicle was smart bombed.
  4. greysmoke

    My Pipe is My Fidget Spinner

    I worked with a fellow years ago, now long since retired, who told me that during the "golden years" of office work with smoking permitted: "a pipe was the greatest thing to smoke during a presentation, because you had something to fiddle with while you thought of an answer to an audience...
  5. greysmoke

    What is a "Stinger" for?

    There's nothing wrong with a stinger that a pair of pliers and a gentle twist can't fix. And does anyone else find Kaywoodie's use of the word "Drinkless" in this connection to be obnoxious? Drink less? How about drink nothing??
  6. greysmoke

    Cheers from Tennessee!

    Welcome aboard....
  7. greysmoke

    Danish Pipe Shops

    I was privileged to visit TDPS shortly before it moved to its current lodging. It's a rare thing: a retail shop that's actually focused on pipes, rather than a cigar shop with a pipe stand in a corner. You'll spend a lot of time there.
  8. greysmoke

    Hello from Connecticut

    Much of what I learned of pipes and tobacco I picked up by frequenting Chief Catoonah, a B&M pipe shop in Ridgefield, CT. The late Dick Silverman, proprietor. I lived in Danbury at the time. Those were my pipe smoking "golden years." Welcome aboard....!
  9. greysmoke

    Hello from East Tennessee

    This East Tennessee transplant welcomes you from Chester County, PA.
  10. greysmoke

    Your Experience with Bit Grips/Softy Bits?

    I use "Maxfashion Rubber Tobacco Pipe Tip Grips" that I bought from Amazon in a 12-pack. They work fine. A little tight, but they stay in place. I use them primarily for my Upshalls to preserve the original stems, which tend to be a bit softer than most other vulcanite stems. Worth the price.
  11. greysmoke

    The Most Disappointing Tobacco

    Dunhill Royal Yacht. I still have a tin. It tastes like dirt.
  12. greysmoke

    Culling the Herd: Anyone Else Feel the Need to do So?

    I've done this periodically over the years. Pipes, like Tribbles, are all too easy to accumulate. And I just don't like the sense of materialism that comes with a surplus. After several decades with pipes, and a few rounds of serious culling, I'm finally down to the point where it's extremely...
  13. greysmoke

    Dogs & Pipes

    Me and LunaBelle. She doesn't care for English blends.
  14. greysmoke

    Greetings from East Tennessee

    This Jefferson County transplant to Chester County, PA, welcomes you aboard....
  15. greysmoke

    The Perfect Outdoorsman Hat

    FWIW, I've owned this battered Filson Tin Cloth Packer hat since 98 or so. The brim is pretty short, but the tin cloth actually holds up as well as they say it does. What doesn't hold up is the leather hat band. It's made of cheap bonded leather. I recall being somewhat surprised when I saw how...
  16. greysmoke

    What are You Reading Now?

    For similar reasons, I read Oliver Statler's "Japanese Inn." It's a remarkable book. Recommended. Japanese Inn -
  17. greysmoke

    Very Old (in both ways) Member Returns

    Luna Belle and I welcome you back from our garden in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
  18. greysmoke

    Buying Multiples of the Same Pipe

    Twice. I "invented" a unique shape, a prince-shaped bowl (styled after an old Ashton prince, which I've been told was in turn styled after an older Dunhill prince), mated to a long, oval Canadian shank. Over the past 25 years, I've commissioned variations of the Canadian Prince from Paul...
  19. greysmoke

    Box Pass Extravaganza 2024 Signup

    Glad to be aboard.
  20. greysmoke

    What are You Reading Now?

    I just finished another of Lee Child's Jack Reacher book: this one called "One Shot." I'm maybe 60% through the 29 volume series. I wait for them to pop up in my emailed booklist at a discount before I buy one, so I'm working through it out of sequence and at irregular intervals. A short while...