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  1. workman

    Movies that Make You Cry

    Little Women is wonderful.
  2. workman

    Movies that Make You Cry

    If I like a movie, I sort of open up. I don't really cry, but a tear or a little snot might happen. Schindler's List does it, Lonesome Dove too, not a movie but a TV miniseries, several scenes in both of those. Million Dollar Baby, Das Boot, Shawshank Redemption, obvious ones like that. If...
  3. workman

    On Tuesdays, And Saturday Mornings Before 8:37 AM, The Left Side Of The Blend Tastes Differently From The Right Side Of The Blend

    That's odd. During a leap year, after 29. february it should be happening on mondays and fridays.
  4. workman

    Bent or Straight Stem?

    I've had two Peterson system pipes and they both gurgled. I won't buy another and I'd advice against them.
  5. workman

    Is It Hotter Where You Live Now?

    If that is the case, we'll find them. Someone is bound to notice a sudden influx of a million seabirds who don't speak the local language.
  6. workman

    Is It Hotter Where You Live Now?

    It's warmer here than it was when I was a kid in the 80's. Old people recall very different weather than what we have now. Sheepfarmers I speek to claim the seasons seem have moved a month or two. We rarely have snow. Since sometime in the 50's the seabird populations have been dropping to a...
  7. workman

    Let’s Talk Zippo’s…

    When you light a Zippo you need to move it. Jerk your hand as you flick the wheel, that'll work.
  8. workman

    The Palate Issue

    Are you drying your tobacco? Try smoking it when it's crunchy and report back.
  9. workman

    Smoking as a Fine Art by A. A. Milne

    Those types of banter used to be funny for decades. These days memes last maybe a week.
  10. workman

    What Is Your Slowest Smoking Tobacco?

    1792 is the slowest burner in my setup. Two hours minimum for one bowl.
  11. workman

    Capstan Original Navy Flake (Blue)

    It is one of about five that I consider my favorite blends. I certainly prefer it over the yellow.
  12. workman

    Calling the Pipe Wizards! Pronunciations of Names.

    I only think or write those words, so pronunciation is not an issue. I'm much more concerned with Peugeot and Renault, not to mention the infamous Dacia, which noone seems to be able to pinpoint.
  13. workman

    Weird Bucket List Travel

    Just like many americans seem to think Europe is a destination, so many europeans think America is one. I'd like to see America, but that would take years and I know I can never do that. I'd settle for a trip to Louisiana, the bayou, get to taste the food and listen to some of the music. I...
  14. workman

    Cast Iron

    I have a couple of frying pans and a few pots in various sizes. I use them for most of my cooking. They work for everything and they look good on the table. I'm not good with recipes, mostly I just wing it, but I think they're exceptionally good for slow cooking.
  15. workman

    Overrated Blends?

    Marlin Flake. Hot air with perique.
  16. workman

    Innovations In Pipe Smoking - Is Design Dead?

    The next innovation is tobacco companies investing in energy drinks and protein bars and other 'enhancement' stuff removing themselves from tobacco and indulging in more sophisticated ways of altering peoples' minds and bodies. Tobacco is going to be a niche product.
  17. workman

    Lettuce Outlasts British Prime Minister 💪

    In the future, everyone will have 15 minutes as a british prime minister.
  18. workman

    Innovations In Pipe Smoking - Is Design Dead?

    The real innovations were cigarettes and now vaping. If you want to go modern, don't smoke a pipe.
  19. workman

    Brand Name Loyalty

    Convenience is key. Find something good, stick to it. Find something better, stick to that. Just don't waste your time always searching, because nothing is perfect anyway.