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  1. JMcQ

    [Guns] Let's See What's in the Safe!

    But can anyone find reasonably priced ammo?
  2. JMcQ

    Where Have You Traveled Outside Your Native Country?

    I have been in the Navy for over 20 years. All over South America, SE Asia, and northern Europe.
  3. JMcQ

    Dropped Cob.

    Just adds to the cob's experience
  4. JMcQ

    Camel Meat

    Camels are too adorable to eat. They just have good faces. Like horses.
  5. JMcQ

    Magnetic Pipe Stems ?

    I've seen a lot of pipe makers lately attaching magnetic pipe stems. Does anyone here own one? Are there any downsides? Seems like a cool idea. ?
  6. JMcQ

    What Do (Did) You Do

    I am on the tail end of a 20 year Navy career. Who knows what the next chapter holds.
  7. JMcQ

    New Member and New Piper from South Carolina

    Welcome from the sunshine state. ?
  8. JMcQ

    Any Masons Here?

    I AM a Mason. /G\
  9. JMcQ

    How Cold Is Too Cold?

    If it's too chilly to wear flip-flops, I don't want any part of it. ?
  10. JMcQ

    Best Temporary Storage Until Mason Jars Available Again

    Use a Captain Black pouch. Captain Black never dries out. Must be the magic pouch. ??
  11. JMcQ

    Gawith Hoggarth Has Dropped - Jumping In or Waiting It Out?

    Just put an order in for 1kg of Dark Bird's Eye. I've been jonesing.
  12. JMcQ

    Any Advice? Killer Tongue Bite

    Am I missing out? I have never experienced tongue bite. (Knock on wood)
  13. JMcQ

    My Grandfather’s Pipes - Score!!

    This is awesome. I wish that I had more pipes with a known history, especially a family history. ?
  14. JMcQ

    Mail Call From Pipestud...

    Just received this beauty in the mail. Thanks Steve.
  15. JMcQ

    55 Yrs Ago!

    55 years is amazing. I feel like you have so much to teach us.
  16. JMcQ

    RIP Chuck Yeager, Dead at 97

    What a bad ass.
  17. JMcQ

    Military Veterans Please Check In.

    Currently Active Duty Navy. Joined in January 2001.
  18. JMcQ

    New Member From Jacksonville, FL

    Welcome to the forum from right next door, in Atlantic Beach. ?
  19. JMcQ

    Happy Birthday to Jim Amash a.k.a JimInks !!!

    Happy Birthday. ?
  20. JMcQ


    Welcome to the forum from the sunshine state. ?