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  1. TinCup

    What Cigar are You Smoking? 2023

    I rarely have something worth posting about to here but gotta give a thumbs up to yesterdays cigar A Chateau Diadem robusto. A brand I'd never came across before and my wife bought me a single baulking at the price of my preferred Davidoff so she picked up this instead Highly recommend &...
  2. TinCup

    Pipe prepping ahead of time

    Different for me, I generally don't give any thought to what tobacco is in a pre-filled pipe For me when I grab a pipe, its to smoke a pipe, not to smoke a tobacco (that made sense when I typed it, hope it does when reading back)
  3. TinCup

    Pipe prepping ahead of time

    I have about a dozen pipes and most are filled, sometimes a pipe can sit for up to 2 weeks before its smoked, there's no specific rotation. I just pick a pipe for the circumstances The only time they are not filled is when one or more have been smoked and waiting for a quick clean... at the end...
  4. TinCup

    Lifespan of Pipe Smokers

    Had my allocated 1/4 million cigs and I've almost got to the obligatory 5000 cigar target over the last 40 years while adding pipe smoking about 4 years ago 3 years ago I couldn't jog a block, tipped the scales at 225lbs & got breathless using escalators... but it wasn't due to smoking, it was...
  5. TinCup

    Neutralising a New Tobacco Pouch’s Smell - Any Ideas?

    Might the mustiness be organic? If so have you considered sticking it into the freezer (with the usual protection from damage) and treating it the same way folks do to get rid of odors from sneakers/leather shoes?
  6. TinCup

    Great Photos Thread

    on same day
  7. TinCup

    Great Photos Thread

    I've always liked how this one turned out, taken at a managed wildlife park during winter
  8. TinCup

    Knowing When to Quit a Bowl

    Smoking a pipe is weird like that, the last minute/s aren't as pleasurable as the first minute
  9. TinCup

    Sanda filters

    Just compare it to an unused filter and you'll find your own built in barometer will tell you whether you want to replace it Mine says 'yuck' after three bowls
  10. TinCup

    Favorite Accessories

    Case is 14cm while a std pipe cleaner is about 15cm so if you're not adverse to a quick trim, try this option for a lightweight case to keep them straight, clean etc while in a pocket
  11. TinCup

    Sanda filters

    Assuming you're referring to the charcoal filters... I don't know about 'sanda' as a brand but I change my filters after a maximum of three bowls (sometimes two) If I recall some manufactures say it'll last 4 bowls but to me it looks past being effective after three so that's when I chuck them
  12. TinCup

    About those Nirvana/Ultimate smokes…

    My very best cigars have been in the company of friends over drinks and good conversation With pipe smoking it’s a bit of the opposite, they’re (usually) still with a drink but mostly solo… & I really don’t need any chit-chat Cigarettes were just an addiction
  13. TinCup

    Favorite Cigar?

    Just make sure you get a 'decent' one. Just because it's Cuban doesn't mean the quality is good, I've had a few minor irritations/disappointments having to open the draw, leaf unwrapping etc I'd suggest a Partagas for consistency I mostly stopped spending my hard earned on Cuban and switched...
  14. TinCup

    Favorite Cigar?

    There's way too many I haven't tried for an all time favourite but from my limited range then it is the Davidoff Signature 2000, great flavour, aroma and very smooth For grabbing with a coffee or on the golf range then a Neo Reserve mini cigarillo hits the spot
  15. TinCup

    Savanelli 6mm filter question.

    I have a couple of Savinelli and use both balsa and charcoal Filter fit isn't an issue but the charcoal variety definitely tightens the draw on both
  16. TinCup

    Why did Cloth Sacked Tobacco Disappear?

    Perhaps the cloth bag manufactures have converted the bulk of their production to meeting the demands of the Potpourri and sunglasses markets ;)
  17. TinCup

    Big Dollar Pipes vs Lower Priced Pipes

    I’ve bought a couple of cheap pipes and each time, on receipt, I’ve been roundly disappointed in the look and feel i.e it both looks cheap and nasty and feels cheap and nasty… that being said they smoke just fine Case in point the pocket sized dr plumb ‘dinky’ I had this morning filled with...
  18. TinCup

    Cleaning and resting

    Sometimes I barely wait until a pipe has cooled before I clean it, other times it’ll sit for several days after being smoked before cleaning, still others just get a pipe cleaner before filling the bowl again (I also regularly fill the bowls of several pipes at once, pop wind cap on (or not)...
  19. TinCup

    Brand Name Loyalty

    A wee bit off topic but its something I think about whenever the ‘loyalty’ topic comes up… When we carry out a repeat/ongoing purchase of goods/services (& I do it too) are we actually showing ‘loyalty’ to a company/provider… or simply exercising our preference (regardless of who the supplier...
  20. TinCup

    Peterson 2022 Christmas Pipe

    Is the band fully copper? The 2018 Peterson Christmas range used copper plated nickel (if I recall it was something to do with copper possibly getting too hot, in comparison) For cleaning it, every coupe of months I'll clean it with juice from a lemon to get the original finish back, seems to...