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  1. schmitzbitz

    The Canadian Edition Box Pass - Round 1

    Looks like I dropped the ball on posting the updated list; it can be found here for your perusal. I've tried to criss-cross the country a little more this time, as opposed to simply starting on the East Coast and working back to the West. It also looks like the list will change a bit; a couple...
  2. schmitzbitz

    USPS Restricted Delivery??

    Google and the USPS website tell me this:
  3. schmitzbitz

    The Canadian Edition Box Pass - Round 1

    Yeah, Pruss is involved...Brad, you can ignore my spamming you; I dealt with my PM's before going through the posts today. I'm just waiting to hear back from a couple of people, and the box will be on it's way - if I haven't heard back from them by Friday, I'll send it anyway and update the list...
  4. schmitzbitz

    The Canadian Edition Box Pass - Round 1

    Much to my chagrin I arrived home today to discover the box, returned to my doorstep marked undeliverable. I want to send this (back) out ASAP, but after a month plus, I want to confirm names and addresses. I will be sending out emails and PM's today, with the hopes of sending it back on it's...
  5. schmitzbitz

    Guinness Extra Stout: Warm or Cold?

    Yes. Yes I would. In fact, that's the only way I can enjoy 'pop'. Cold soda just doesn't agree with me for some reason. I'm another in the just-below room-tempurature camp for almost all of my dark beers. I use a wine-chiller to keep my oatmeal pops at a lovely 15c (right around 60f).
  6. schmitzbitz

    Teeny Tiny Hole in Stem

    No matter if the hole is in the stem or the shank, I use a very similar method to repair both. I start off by collecting some vulcanite dust (if the hole is in the stem) or briar dust (if the hole is in the wood). I mix this into a putty with food-grade epoxy (I use Masterbond brand, simply...
  7. schmitzbitz


    See what the pipe wants to smoke. Some pipes seem to highlight the sweet notes in Va forward blends, but will taste acrid or slightly bitter with Latakia and/or Orientals in the mix. Others still will make the rich, nutty notes in Burleys sing, yet you lose the subtle nuances of a VaPer. Of...
  8. schmitzbitz

    My Changing Tobacco Taste

    LOL, I remember my first tin of EMP. I cracked it and recoiled in horror, but being out of tobacco I loaded up a bowl and proceeded to explain to my wife how it had an interesting flavour profile, reminiscent (to me) of chewing on a sweaty piece of saddle leather that's been charred to a...
  9. schmitzbitz

    Newbie Pipe Filter Size Question

    Not all pipes are designed to accept a filter; but as a general rule of thumb, most North American pipes will accept a 6mm paper filter (or the Savinelli balsa filter), while the European mfgs. seem to prefer the 6mm. There are a few others, such as the afore mentioned Savinelli system and the...
  10. schmitzbitz

    I Flaked Out...

    If you enjoy English blends, I would suggest looking into some of the Gawith (both SG and GH) flakes like GH Bob's Chocolate Flake and SG Navy (rum). I would also suggest not giving up on Va's just yet - they cover the gambit from mildly sweet and grassy to sweet cherry notes, with everything...
  11. schmitzbitz

    Advice needed...

    For the briar, you can't go wrong with ascending grades of micromesh (think ultra-fine grit sandpaper used in automotive finishing) to bring back the luster. If you have access to a buffing wheel, a block of carnuba will also serve you well, if not you can find pastes made of a mixture of...
  12. schmitzbitz

    Does Rosetta Stone work?

    Lawrence (I likely botched a few noun forms; I hope you don't expect me to write lines!): non possum dicere quod ego sum - forsit quia hoc masculis esset adepto meus suffragium ferendum: (Not that I think he would do a good job, but simply to hear him say 'I find your lack of faith disturbing.')
  13. schmitzbitz

    Does Rosetta Stone work?

    Most of our clientelle doesn't speak English (I'm involved in Immigration Law), and we've found that the Rosetta Stone programs are invaluable for assisting us in our day to day dealings without relying on a translator / translation service. Well they are not cheap, they do work wonderfully...
  14. schmitzbitz

    The Canadian Edition Box Pass - Round 1

    Doh! My bad Dallas, I have you on the list already! Will get this going next week, the last person on the list (before myself) ended up going under the knife, and we haven't had a chance to get together to repack as needed and finalize the list while he heals.
  15. schmitzbitz

    Pipe Smoking in the Middle East

    In Dubai, you won't have much of a problem, although as others have already pointed out, bring your own tobacco - you can find a few blends in country, but most of the tobacconists are very cigar-centric, offering only OTC blends. I seem to recall the duty-free in the airport had W.O Larsen...
  16. schmitzbitz

    Pipe Reamers, Different Types

    As long as the construction isn't complete crap, the Butner style reamer (the second pic) works well, although I've found that (with mine, at least) they tend to ream the bowl in a conical manner. I've got no experience with the Dunhill reamer pictured, but once again, if the construction isn't...
  17. schmitzbitz

    Good For Her

    That's hilarious; I think I'm going to have to forward this to my banker!
  18. schmitzbitz

    Laurel Heights My Experiance is This Normal?

    I didn't think for a moment that you (or Bob for that matter) were concerned that your sample was anything but the LH it claimed to be, I just figured I would pipe in and confirm that yes, it was the real McCoy (or should that be Hatfield, given the pipe-communities love of the 'Devil Anse'...
  19. schmitzbitz

    Laurel Heights My Experiance is This Normal?

    I can assure you the sample came from a jar of Laurel Heights, tinned in 2010, opened in October of 2012 and residing in my cellar since. It was in no way adulterated, however I do have to admit that I crack into the jar every couple of weeks when the mood takes me.
  20. schmitzbitz


    Remember, people said the same thing about Tom Hanks, how could the guy from Big and Turner and Hooch play a serious role...but look at what he did with Philadelphia. Not saying that Kucher is half the actor that Hanks is, but some of these comedic actors do make a rather successful transition...