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  1. 5star

    Deertongue, Anyone?

    When it comes to tobacco with some sweetness to it, I only seem to like Brit Lakeland type aromatics now. I’ve even lost my preference for some of my past favorites- such as some of the Boswell blends. I thought I’d try a couple deer tongue blends to see if that might work for me. - No dice...
  2. 5star

    Have You Noticed A Slow Down In Sales/Trading?

    As everyone else has mentioned, costs of everything has gone up. - So, those of us with a pretty good supply of pipes & tobacco already- might just hold off on buying more at this moment. I don’t know about you guys, but the first half of our property taxes was due April 30th so we had to pay...
  3. 5star

    Banned from

    TR is a very useful resource IMO. Might want to reconsider your approach Mac
  4. 5star

    Clay Pipes as Weapons, Surgical Tools

    Fascinating article. Thanks for posting the link to it. One can imagine Professor Moriarty using such an instrument of destruction in a Sherlock Holmes story. Mac
  5. 5star

    Mindless/Mindful Smoking, Right Ways/Wrong Ways

    Hmmm . . , at this point for me, it would be far more difficult to describe what I do when pipe smoking & write it down - - than actually doing it. Mac
  6. 5star

    Bore hole too narrow for cleaners

    Many of us have a variety of pipe cleaners. Some work better in some pipes than in others. It may be a matter of thickness or even how bendable the pipe cleaner is. I have pipes that I didn’t like because I couldn’t run a cleaner all the way through to the bowl. I bought some different type pipe...
  7. 5star

    Savinelli Is Messing Up Badly

    If you have super sensitive taste buds - as others have mentioned- you might start looking into artisan pipe carvers. Let them know the issues that can cause problems for you - and they can accommodate your needs. Mac
  8. 5star

    A Greek Bard in Briar

    Homer’s looking good ! Mac
  9. 5star

    Ham, Another Great Thing To Smoke

    Great ideas here ! I’ll have to break out the smoker & try them Mac
  10. 5star


    That’s almost Huck Finn territory ! Mac
  11. 5star

    Aw, gee, George!

    Were there all that many pipesmokers around in Carlin’s day ? Hefner was into it. But after WW2 cigarettes grew in popularity & pipesmoking began its long decline. How many pipesmokers did Carlin come across back then? I’ve seen only one out in public over the last 5 years. Mac
  12. 5star

    Good beginner tobacco?

    You might try Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic which is available in a pouch. It offers some sweetness without being overly wet & ‘goopy’ like some aromatics. Mac
  13. 5star

    What is Your Earliest Memory?

    Before or after conception ? Mac
  14. 5star

    Coolidor for my pipe tobacco

    Sounds like you’ll need to immediately put your pipe baccy in a mason har after opening a tin. Wyoming is a beautiful state. I’ve enjoyed tremendously every trip we’ve taken there. Mac
  15. 5star

    Coolidor for my pipe tobacco

    The way to deal with pipe tobacco wetter than your preference is to let it dry some after taking some from the jar. Youll find what works best for your tastes & conditions with each specific tobacco. If you ran a poll here and asked how many guys put Bovedas in their mason jars with pipe...
  16. 5star

    Coolidor for my pipe tobacco

    You may actually cause mold problems if you add the Bovedas to your mason jars. I’m a long time cigar smoker (30yrs +). Have been smoking a pipe 7-8yrs. Cigar guys often think they need to do the same with pipe tobacco as cigars, but it may actually cause problems to do so. Just put your pipe...
  17. 5star

    Rich's Cigar Shop and Lackluster Customer Service

    As an aside - I know they don’t stock every product in this category- but this is one reason I like dealing with SP. They take care of their customers. Mac
  18. 5star

    Rich's Cigar Shop and Lackluster Customer Service

    It’s the party that sells & ships that also insures the package. Its their burden to deal with the shipper until the package is actually delivered. In similar situations- but not involving tobacco- the seller always refunded my money after sufficient time had passed. Sometimes packages can show...
  19. 5star

    Favorite Cigar?

    an aged HU Mag 46
  20. 5star

    Who Primarily Smokes one Blend?

    I have a fairly large variety of tobaccos but end smoking six blends much of the time. And three of those, I probably smoke 75% of the time. Once you find what you like, it’s easy to keep going back to it. Mac