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  1. Indygrap

    Cooking with Fatboy Slim

    Professor Longhair, Dr. John, or The Lost Bayou Ramblers if I’m making gumbo or red beans & rice. Old school punk, grunge or 80’s metal for almost anything else. Bluegrass &/or Newgrass when I’m on the smoker. If my wife & I are in the kitchen together we usually compromise with The Black...
  2. Indygrap

    Walked into my local B&M …

    That was a nice surprise to walk in to. Just wish someone hadn’t snatched up all the Pembroke. At least that someone was kind enough to share.
  3. Indygrap

    Van Gogh For All Exhibit

    I saw the exhibit when it passed through New Orleans. I throughly enjoyed it. While it didn’t have any of his original works (for obvious reasons) it did take you through the various stages of his work & was well worth the price of admission. I especially enjoyed the immersive element. They had...
  4. Indygrap

    In Praise of Missouri Meerschaum

    Do they use the kernels for anything? Can’t imagine it’s as tasty as sweet corn but I’d assume it could work for livestock feed.
  5. Indygrap

    Besides your Family and Friends....

    Subconsciously, probably Tolkien, Twain, and a few others that I read, or looked up to that I saw pictured with pipes. I started smoking pipes when I had quit cigs but missed the feeling I got when I was on my porch or elsewhere winding down after the day. I was doing just that, missing my...
  6. Indygrap

    In Praise of Obsidian Oil

    Can you use 91% isopropyl instead of Everclear? Not that I don’t need an excuse to buy EC, I just think I’d start making cocktails with it 🤣
  7. Indygrap

    How much

    $35+tip for a cut, a beard trim & an adult beverage. Compared to what most women have to pay, it’s a bargain
  8. Indygrap


    I’m not a fan of ketchup so I usually use bbq sauce on top. (I know it’s technically dressed up ketchup) If you have access to a smoker, smoked meatloaf is definitely a game changer.
  9. Indygrap

    American Balkan

    They actually work really well. I cut the lid of a mason jar to fit inside the noodle die & line the inside with parchment paper. Tighten it every day or so. I usually leave in the press for about a week & have a nice, firm puck when I push it out. It will expand some but stays fairly packed...
  10. Indygrap

    Barber Shops.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to live in cities with actual barber shops. I’ve tried several chain places & a salon or 2 just to get the hair out of my eyes. They just weren’t for me. Yes, the shops I’ve been to charge $30-40+ tip for a haircut & beard trim, but I’m 100% satisfied when I leave...
  11. Indygrap


    The Coca-Cola had cocaine in it & you could get pretty much anything at the pharmacy that would get you 20 years in prison today. Not a surprise that they had to specify their cigarettes didn’t contain opium.
  12. Indygrap

    Tried Sazerac Rye for the First Time Last Night.

    Believe it or not, the last one we had that night was made with cognac. Wasn’t a fan but I think it was made with courvoisier. I’d be willing to give it another day in court.
  13. Indygrap

    Tried Sazerac Rye for the First Time Last Night.

    I like Sazerac Rye except when it’s being used to make a sazerac cocktail. My wife & I went on a sazerac crawl a few years ago & the bar that made theirs with Old Overholt was by far our favorite. There may be other factors at play here(better bartenders, better secondary ingredients, etc) & I...
  14. Indygrap

    My First Peterson

    I’ve been smoking pipes for a little over a year & managed to get 3 Peterson’s so far. I love them all & for different reasons. The 701 Christmas pipe is my everyday carry. It’s great for a quick smoke at work or while on the go. My 05 St. Patrick is about the only pipe of mine that makes burley...
  15. Indygrap

    School me on Tobacco Flavorings

    I can’t speak to what's used to flavor tobacco, but some of the food grade extracts we use to flavor beer are alcohol based. Those are primarily citrus. If I ventured a guess they’re probably distilled & concentrated. The totes we get them in are labeled “flammable” & we use a relatively small...
  16. Indygrap

    Which GL Pease Should I Buy?

    You really can’t go wrong with GLP if English blends are your thing. I second the recommendations of Westminster & Gas Light. I just picked up some tins of Odyssey & Quiet Nights & look forward to cracking them once I work through a few jars of opened stuff. I’ve heard good things about...
  17. Indygrap

    Christmas PAD

    Why not do an advent calendar? Smoke a different pipe & tobacco for 25 days!
  18. Indygrap

    School me on Aged Briar

    Your best bet Your best bet are estate pipes, but they’ll occasionally pop up on retail sites. RNA Treasures had a bunch a while back. Most aren’t pretty but they are readily available & are reasonably priced.
  19. Indygrap

    Christmas PAD

    Got these 2 estates as a Christmas present to me. A Dr. Grabow Westbrook & a Marxman Jumbo. I’m a cheap date & it leaves money left over for the wife & family. Or more tobacco. But probably presents for others.
  20. Indygrap

    Savinelli KS 121 Estate Pipe....Worth getting??

    Alternatively, Rossi pipes are made by Sav. The briar isn’t as pretty but they’re cured & drilled the same. They’re numbered the same except Rossi’s have a “8” as the first digit. ie. Instead of 121 they’re 8121. Most are priced $30-$50(US) less & are great smokers. I’ve got a 8616 bent Billiard...