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  1. K.E. Powell

    Has Peterson Quality Suffered in Recent Years?

    To echo what others have said, they really have improved their QC after Laudisi took over. I find their quality in the price range you asked about is roughly equal to what you would see in other major factory brands with good reputations (e.g. Savenilli, Chacom, etc.). To me, however, the...
  2. K.E. Powell

    Delusional Burly

    Burley is king in my house. I've room for nearly all genres and varietals, but burley/dfk blends are what I smoke the majority of the time. VaPers and boozy English blends are getting plenty of love too. There are so many burley and dfk blends I enjoy. Haunted Bookshop and Briar Fox are my...
  3. K.E. Powell

    Need Some Advice, Please!

    My brother in Christ, I just returned from my favorite cigar shop after the owner told me he had tins of Esoterica and Toscano Sinfonia available. I bought both, in addition to Jamaican Flake and three cigars. Any advice I'd give now would be utterly redolent with hypocrisy. :ROFLMAO: That...
  4. K.E. Powell

    Grandfather knew best

    Love old photos like this. Thanks for sharing!
  5. K.E. Powell

    Today My Pipe Was Personal Protective Equipment!

    I knew MM cobs were plenty sturdy, but if someone told me they could tank a wrench, well, I would have been incredulous. I'd also, apparently, be wrong. Glad you are okay!
  6. K.E. Powell

    I'm Back, MSO 489

    Not sure how I missed this thread for so long, but man, is this a good bit of news! Wishing you a speedy recovery, and thank you for checking in.
  7. K.E. Powell

    The Relight debate

    Relight as needed. A lot of people place all the emphasis on tamping and packing, stating proper technique for both will reduce the need to relight. That's true, but it ignores what I believe to be the most important factor that is within one's control (as opposed to those things that are not...
  8. K.E. Powell

    Your Experience with Bit Grips/Softy Bits?

    I used to use them on almost all of my pipes. They help keep teeth marks to a minimum and can help with clenching for long periods. I don't use them as much as I used to because, well, I just don't like clenching for long periods. I'm a wet smoker, so I prefer to just hold my pipe when I'm...
  9. K.E. Powell

    A quiet turning?

    Like the OP, I've no hard evidence to share. But going by strictly anecdotal evidence and my own perception of things? There seems to be a small but noticeable interest among Millennials and older Zoomers for pipes and pipe tobacco. But does that mean anything? Fedoras came back in vogue...
  10. K.E. Powell

    I've Got Friends in Low Places

    He said lowbrow. He didn't ask for a list of war crimes.
  11. K.E. Powell

    I've Got Friends in Low Places

    This is such a fun question! So, like I said elsewhere, I'm a person who, at least when it comes to simple commercial pleasures, tries to find a happy medium between the cheap and the ostentatious. But it would be a fallacious way to live to always seek out a happy middle. For one thing...
  12. K.E. Powell

    White Owl Cigars: Probably the Best Cigar Experience Available

    I know you're being slightly tongue in cheek, telescopes, but there is some truth to what you say. I can't speak to the quality of White Owls, because I have never tried them. But Wheeling Marsh Stogies were a very big deal in my neck of the woods once a upon a time, and though the old Marsh...
  13. K.E. Powell

    Offensively High Resale Prices On Unicorn Blends

    I can't really add much here that others haven't already said better, and tempted as I am to wade into the philosophical waters here on just deserts, concepts of fairness, and supposedly free markets, I think it would be better for me to refrain. This thread is already teetering close to...
  14. K.E. Powell

    Adding Burleys

    Rarely, but when I do, it's to either add some body to a light blend, or it is used as a kind of kindling to help with getting a good charring light for particularly stubborn tobacco.
  15. K.E. Powell

    Two New Bent Brandy Commissions By Two Makers

    That Beaumont looks stunning!
  16. K.E. Powell

    School me on Schooling Methods

    I'm going to go ahead and be the wet blanket. Most people, both before and after Google, do not know how to research effectively, because researching is a specialized skill that demands training and personal discipline.
  17. K.E. Powell

    Recovering from Insanity

    I believe it was Santayana who said that a fanatic is a person who redoubles their efforts while losing sight of their original goal.
  18. K.E. Powell

    Where to Draw the Line on Cellar Size?

    Now that I think of it, isn't this merely a logistical issue? How much you can cellar will be determined by three factors: Budget Space Frequency of your smoking So, let's say a 50g tin lasts you roughly 25 smokes (i.e. 2g per smoke). Now, let's say you smoke an average of four times a day...
  19. K.E. Powell

    Are These Storage Tins Any Good?

    Nah, I have one of those, and the seal and latch are loose and flimsy. They look nice, but are cheaply made. I use it to store my cobs and a few other odds and ends. I foolishly tried storing some scented flake in it and it dried up fairly quickly.
  20. K.E. Powell

    Rouseco Buoy Gold

    When my father was a young boy, he would hanker for a fountain pop and a slice of pizza after a day's worth of bailing hay for the third most obese cucumber farmer in all of Gophertits, Arkansas. The best pizza in his little town of Gophertits, Arkansas was to be found in the quaint pizza...