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  1. prairiedruid

    Anyone Play Video Games?

    Have to remember this is a small indie company with 90 employees; it's not like WOW or Diablo.
  2. prairiedruid

    Anyone Play Video Games?

    On and off, they're just swamped and it's making the servers unstable. Was pretty good this morning and they tweaked it and it overloaded again.
  3. prairiedruid

    Help This Pipe

    There's always the handyman's secret weapon......duct tape!
  4. prairiedruid

    Anyone Play Video Games?

    I've been enjoying Last Epoch this week and it has an update with 2 new classes next week. Plus at $35 it's a lot cheaper than Diablo and far better crafting and skill trees.
  5. prairiedruid

    Little Bo Peep

    Goats are escape artists and will try to take a bite out of everything.
  6. prairiedruid

    Offensively High Resale Prices On Unicorn Blends

    Wow all the money I wasted on econ classes in college..... Tobacco is a want not a need.
  7. prairiedruid

    School me on Schooling Methods

    Schooling methods? Sounds fishy.....
  8. prairiedruid

    Rouseco Buoy Gold

    Ah good old Colt 45 for when you want to wake up face down in a parking lot with your pants around your ankles and a note saying Lando was here.
  9. prairiedruid

    G.L. Pease English blend recommendations.

    I believe Quiet Nights would be a great choice.
  10. prairiedruid

    Carl Weathers Dies 😔

    The man knew how to use a flamethrower. "How do you like your ribs?"
  11. prairiedruid

    Cigar TAD 2024!

    The Queen has returned!
  12. prairiedruid

    Long-term Tobacco Storage in Mason Jars

    I recently opened a jar of bulk MM965 that was 10 years old and it was perfectly fine.
  13. prairiedruid

    Smoking a Pipe First Thing in the Morning

    Make my morning coffee and lately have been enjoying a big pipe of Best of the Rest English.
  14. prairiedruid

    Tobacco is Sacred

    Growing up my grandparents (non Native) lived on the Flathead Reservation which is very different from the Dakota reservations. My wife is enrolled (Mohawk) who has friends we visited on other reservations, some are pretty rough but you wouldn't know it from the pow wows they have. When her...
  15. prairiedruid

    Tobacco is Sacred

    My wife is Native and whenever I go out to gather sage or sweet grass for her I always sprinkle tobacco over the area that I gather from.
  16. prairiedruid

    What is going on in Birmingham?

    Too bad it wasn't shark week in the tank.
  17. prairiedruid


  18. prairiedruid

    What the heck?

    Looks like Jake......from State Farm
  19. prairiedruid