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  1. SBC


    Sipping a loose leaf cinnamon green tea right now. From your first line about the traditional teapot being a poor design, I was ready to fight you, Flatfish (not really, I love you). I'm a conservative soul, and no fan of johnny-come-lately criticisms of tradition. I use a Brown Betty from...
  2. SBC

    How Long Have You Smoked a Pipe?

    When I was 22, about 16 years ago. I'd grown up in an anti-smoking home, and sometimes as a kid I'd said, "I won't smoke, but if I do, it'll be a pipe." I think it was driven by my veneration of St. Clive and Tolkien.
  3. SBC

    I'm Back, MSO 489

    Tom, I feel very relieved. You were asked about frequently. I consciously missed you many times! This news is very good to hear.
  4. SBC

    In Praise of Mixture 79

    I've been curious to try this for a long time. The flavors sound right up my alley, but the tobacco doesn't, so I'd like to see how that shakes out for me.
  5. SBC

    Ennerdale Flake?

    I absolutely loved it back when you could taste mainly the sauce. I'm not a fan of Empire leaf (I love American brightleaf), so now that the sauce has either diminished or changed such that the taste of Empire leaf is much more noticeable, I don't love it so much. It smells the same in the...
  6. SBC

    Show Us Your Opera Pipes!

    Huh, you learn something new every day. I wasn't familiar with this oval billiard shape.
  7. SBC

    Box Pass Extravaganza 2024 Signup

    It's not just you. Opportunities like this feel like being permitted to hack away for a day in a retired goldmine. I might not find a new love ... but then again, I might ...
  8. SBC

    Superb Owl

    A couple of my kids have budgies, but they aren't superb. I'm glad that your owl is!
  9. SBC

    Green Bay Pipe Club March Meeting

    Consider yourself invited to the first (monthly?) meeting of a new Green Bay pipe club: Date: Saturday, March 23, 2024 Time: 6:00 PM Place: Prohibition Spirits and Cigar Lounge, 159 N. Broadway St., Green Bay, WI Since we will be using their lounge, please plan to patronize them in some way...
  10. SBC

    Green Bay, Wisconsin, Meetup?

    Very cool!
  11. SBC

    Green Bay, Wisconsin, Meetup?

    Thanks for your prompt feedback, Guys. I'm going to err towards the latest of these dates, on the off-chance that greater time opens up greater opportunity for others to arrange plans to join us. So, March 23 it is. I plan to post a new thread announcing that and inviting others, later today.
  12. SBC

    Green Bay, Wisconsin, Meetup?

    I've heard from a couple participants, and have narrowed down our initial date options to: Feb. 24 March 9 March 23 This would be at the aforementioned Prohobition Spirits & Cigars in GB, starting at 6:00 PM. If anybody in the Central & NE contingents has a preference among these -- or...
  13. SBC

    In Defense of Codger Blends

    I have a strong aversion to burley, so none of the codger blends work for me. I've tried only Half and Half and SWRA. The latter was recently, and I hoped that it would be the codger blend I could like -- but the burley is too noticeable to me even there. I can really only smoke variations of...
  14. SBC

    What are You Reading Now?

    Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate Heiser in many regards. He certainly brought the conversation to the forefront and gave the ancient view some credibility it hadn't had in awhile. Chaffey is more systematic in his approach though, and while holding the same general view is a bit more measured...
  15. SBC

    What are You Reading Now?

    When driving as a family, we're currently re-reading LOTR, this time listening to the Andy Serkis audio (which is phenomenal). In the evenings I'm reading this to the kids: My own stack of books ATM includes: On the unlikely chance that somebody here has read Michael Heiser, I...
  16. SBC

    What are You Reading Now?

    I enjoyed this very much.
  17. SBC

    Beard Oil Recommendations?

    I second Honest Amish. It doesn't contain the chemical crap of the bad oils -- its ingredients are on par with the more expensive ones -- but it's broadly available and inexpensive relative to the bougie rackets. But I get the interest in concocting something yourself. Have fun! For more...
  18. SBC

    Green Bay, Wisconsin, Meetup?

    @Singularis and @mikefu does Prohibition Spirits and Cigars on a Saturday night work for you? If so, care to suggest a particular Saturday in the next couple months?
  19. SBC

    Green Bay, Wisconsin, Meetup?

    Yeah I moved away to Eastern PA for a decade and then moved back here a few years ago. In PA I grew accustomed to planning at least 2 minutes per mile (rather than less than a minute per mile as I now plan along 141), but regardless of that the culture there held a different mindset as to what...
  20. SBC

    New Minimalist Styles

    If you're asking for others' subjective tastes -- I disesteem these ;-) If all pipes looked like this, I'd quit pipes and do RYO w/pipe tobacco. My enjoyment of pipe smoking is more than half in pipe aesthetics and the traditions they evoke, and these are why-bothers to me. Which all sounds...