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  1. alan73

    Fist Ever Rustication &. New Rotary 2/17/24

    I like it . I say go deeper … I’ve done a few pipes like that , deep and craggy makes for a good hand feel .
  2. alan73

    Green Bay, Wisconsin, Meetup?

    So singularis figured out we work for the same company, pretty small world sometimes . Makes our initial meetup super easy
  3. alan73

    Green Bay, Wisconsin, Meetup?

    all 3 would work for me … no preference
  4. alan73

    Green Bay, Wisconsin, Meetup?

    I’m originally from Chicago, when I became a cheesehead 12 years ago for work , I was shocked by how far people would drive for a supper club, or kids sport activities , etc . So meeting up in Appleton or Green Bay is nothing …. Set a date and choose the place , I’m there , except March 2
  5. alan73

    Green Bay, Wisconsin, Meetup?

    Got some work travel coming up , but if the date lands at a good time I will try to make it
  6. alan73

    Hello From Wisconsin

    Welcome , I’m in Stevens point wi
  7. alan73

    Pipe Rotation

    1. 3-4 2. 400 but I’m a collector and many are unsmoked 3. 400, just gave away a pipe last night so I have an open slot
  8. alan73

    Cedar Display Cases For Pipes

    That’s fantastic . Some nice looking pipes too
  9. alan73

    Preparing a Lot of Rope

    I have used a coffee grinder (dedicated one to tobacco) to chop up rope tobacco as well as flakes , works like a charm . Start slowly and achieve the desired outcome … don’t overdo it
  10. alan73

    Aloha from Wisconsin

    Hello.from Stevens Point , Wi
  11. alan73

    Um, Interesting Pipe, #2

    Alex Florov: Sandblasted Ryukin Tobacco Pipe The Ryukin is a signature shape from Florov, crafted as a subtle nod to the work of Kei-ichi Gotoh, and is named after the Ryukin goldfish, a species that's distinctive thanks to its curved hump behind the head. It's a fascinating design that...
  12. alan73

    Stacking/Storing Firewood

    I have a never ending supply of red pine and jack pine . My house was built in middle of tree plantation in WI … I have at least 10 years of cut wood , I don’t care if it gets mold or loses 70% of it’s weight , burns great outdoors. I have it at the back of my property line , as I don’t want...
  13. alan73

    Um, Interesting Pipe

    The top looked better , the backside is ehh agreed
  14. alan73

    Um, Interesting Pipe

    I liked it and bid on it , it would fit in well with my “misfit” pipe collection. . Stem work was amazing , could of joined my best stem work pipe collection too
  15. alan73

    Halloween Costumes Incorporating your Pipes?

    I did Hugh Hefner in a robe with pipe costume a few years back , had stuffed bunnies pinned on the robe
  16. alan73

    Food you Haven't Had Since your Grandmother(s) Died

    Rouladen. A German rolled meat
  17. alan73

    Pipe Spotting—Tucker Carlson on his new Twitter (X) Show

    Colonel MacGregor interview , episode 18 awesome . huge pipe
  18. alan73

    Fun Insurance Experience Today

    Learn to negotiate . They offer you you X you can get 1.1X you just gotta ask.
  19. alan73

    Fun Insurance Experience Today

    I work for an insurance company . Why do you have insurance related to your pipe making hobby ??? You might be the only hobbyist pipe maker in the world to have have insurance . Why bother ? Any potential injury is covered by by personal health insurance .
  20. alan73

    Cracking a New Box

    Congrats. From the many posts of I’ve seen of your cigar posts , I’m sure you will be ok always having a nice cigar to smoke