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  1. spartan

    His and Her Pipes (NSFW)

    I love you guys.
  2. spartan

    His and Her Pipes (NSFW)

    While taking my wife to work in the morning she will usually browse Reddit for a bit, but not like a normal Redditor. She's got an app for only viewing the pictures that are posted to the site. She gets no comments, no back story, just the caption that OP provides. Today she showed me this pic...
  3. spartan

    Here's a Link to Fight the New FDA Regulations

    There's not enough people jumping on this. :crazy: B-B-B-B-BUMP Takes less than a minute to comment. It's the least you can do.
  4. spartan

    Here's a Link to Fight the New FDA Regulations

    When foods list their ingredients they list them in order of most to least, but list no percentages. This is dumb.
  5. spartan

    Here's a Link to Fight the New FDA Regulations

    When it asks for a category, which is the most appropriate to choose?
  6. spartan

    You'll Never Guess What Happened!

    I click on everything. +1 you dirtbag.
  7. spartan

    Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Cracking ???

    It's a cob. It will crack, burn, crumble, swell/shrink if left out in the rain, etc. Smoke it until you can't anymore. I wouldn't worry about repairing it unless it's your only one. I've been smoking my cracked cob for 6 months. Still holding up just fine. Great smoker.
  8. spartan

    Semois Tobacco Available from &

    Putting this on my list for Christmas. One large order a year, this needs to be on it. So far away though... :(
  9. spartan

    Clay Pipes-Worthwhile?

    What the fuck? Care to explain that one?
  10. spartan

    The Sweetest Tobacco You Ever Had?

    CAO's Cherry Bomb (Whatever the hell its name is) is horrible sweet koolaid pow in the face stuff. Way too strong for me. W.O. Larson's Signature Blend is heaven on earth.
  11. spartan

    Cellar Complete

    Cellar done? Your pipe soul will be able to Rest In Peace. No longer shall you drift across the land in search of that final tin. Sleep well weary wanderer.
  12. spartan

    My Last Cigarette

    It's not about luck. Once you find the right pipe tobacco you'll be on easy street. I've kicked cigs and it's the best thing ever. I never really knew how much they stank until I gave them up. Pipe tobacco is heaven in comparison. Cigars too. You can do it!
  13. spartan

    Any Reddit Users?

    Ok. You'd know more than me. But it's 12,000 people that have subscribed. Anyway to know how many of those are active?
  14. spartan

    Any Reddit Users?

    I've been on reddit for 11 months, and I'm still unclear about a lot of it. Definitely run it by the admins of whatever subreddit you want to invade. It's a strange place. Karma is power. The pipe tobacco subreddit doesn't seem to be TOO active. Not sure it'd be worth your time to post there...
  15. spartan

    I'm Not Saying I Found the Perfect Lighter, but I Totally Did (Pseudo X-Rated)

    I'll never miss the plucking of hairs off my tongue. Trimmed, shaved, or waxed is the way to go. ;) *Secretly hoping a debate ensues* Edit: Oh yeah, Nice lighter. For future nude posts just put NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in the title and we'll get the hint. P.S. I'm totally at work. haha
  16. spartan

    Want To Smoke Or Need To Smoke

    I merely enjoy the flavorful effects. Especially in the morning; that cognitive boost is really nice. Starts off the day quite nicely. Just like a cup of coffee or morning sex. :puffy: Hit all three and win the lotto.
  17. spartan

    F.C.C., in a Shift, Backs Fast Lanes for Web Traffic

    The whole world has gone crazy. Screw these people, and the people messing with tobacco regulations.
  18. spartan

    Blending dry with wet tobacco?

    Really sweet cavendish or aromatic blends due really well when you dilute them with a burley blend you really like. Do it. Start at 50/50 and go from there.
  19. spartan

    Big wet smoke...ebay seller christoba123

    I agree the seller handled things wrong, and he should always accept returns if the item is still in as good of shape as when he sold it. However, that thing looked beat to shit from the pics on the listing so I'm at a loss for how you thought it'd be nicer in person. But again, all this BS...
  20. spartan

    A glass of Malbec with Virginia

    <p>Good wine, horrid tobacco in my opinion.