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  1. FALaholic

    Hello From North Carolina

    One more North Carolina greeting. Thank you for your service… it’s a damn shame what our armed forces are getting force fed these days.
  2. FALaholic

    When Will the Ax Fall?

    Haha! Not really….maybe the collecting part. Ever have to call the IRS and straighten them out? The epitome of left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. The VA is the same or just as bad.
  3. FALaholic

    Bourbon Flavoring

    I have a hydraulic press for gunsmith work, but I’m curious as to how you pressed tobacco in it? Custom press box?
  4. FALaholic

    Wedding Cigar Help.

    Whole heartedly endorse Romeo Y Julieta Capulet 80th Anniversary. Reasonably priced smooth and tasteful. I think its verboten to link to a non-sponsoring vendor, but they’re pretty popular at most online shops.
  5. FALaholic

    Bourbon Flavoring

    Haha! The Quiet Man is an awesome movie!
  6. FALaholic

    Bourbon Flavoring

    Following this? to see how it turns out.
  7. FALaholic

    Good Smoker vs. Bad Smoker

    Kinda negates what I suspected all along. $$$$ ≠ Good pipe least not a hard and fast rule.
  8. FALaholic

    Seriously Considering Tossing This

    Well I had about a pound of Lane Dark Red (no longer produced) that a co-worker is gonzo for, so I sold it to him. I ended up gifting him the 7 Seas Regular along with a couple ounces of RLP-6, and feel pretty good about it. Told him if he didn't like it to pass it along to another that might...
  9. FALaholic

    Bourbon Flavoring

    This is intriguing to me. I posted about some MacBaren 7 Seas in another post that could likely be turned into insecticide. Not trying to hijack your thread jayhancock, but If I were to try this which spirit would you recommend (preferably sweet).
  10. FALaholic

    Seriously Considering Tossing This

    I normally don’t throw stuff out and will re~purpose it, but MacBaren’s 7 Seas Regular literally tasted like nothing! Decent enough tin note , and I gave it several tries. I dumped the last bowl after the charring light thinking life is too short… Buddy of mine insists on not chucking it, but...
  11. FALaholic

    Bourbon Flavoring

    Good “cheap” bourbon you have there too.For the cost to flavor profile it’s tough to beat. Its made by the same folks that make Buffalo Trace, and I’m told it’s the same mash.
  12. FALaholic

    Good Smoker vs. Bad Smoker

    I have a very sharp looking Comoy’s bull dog that whistles when dry too. I even tried opening it up by a very small fraction. Decent smoking pipe, but I find myself avoiding it because it whistles like a Spompngebob SquarePants toy.
  13. FALaholic

    A Friendly Heads Up to Aspiring Carvers

    Really like the look of sandblasted morta wood pipes.
  14. FALaholic

    Availability of GP-11?

    The gun guy in me took over. Thought you were asking about Swiss GP-11. Excellent ammo for the 7.5 Swiss rifles!
  15. FALaholic

    Hello from the Old Continent

    Welcome from North Carolina!
  16. FALaholic

    Best C&D Aromatic?

    Give Nutty Irishman a try. I have mostly moved on from aromatic, but that one was actually pretty good
  17. FALaholic

    One of my Best Smokers

    Gifted a Lorenzetti “pick axe“ to my brother who is just starting on with pipes. it was a good one. One of my better smoking pipes is a bent Rhodesian Molina
  18. FALaholic

    What Cigar are You Smoking? - 2022

    I’ve been watching those and wanted to one, but been so tied up with pipes I haven’t bought cigars in a long time.
  19. FALaholic

    I Think I Ghosted My Mouth

    That one actually made me laugh out loud!