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  1. kg.legat0

    Rustica in Bulk Ready Rubbed

    @craig61a - next time, you'll have to get the big bag... :)
  2. kg.legat0

    Smoker’s Pride

    If you like a run of the mill "Vanilla" pipe tobacco - their Vanilla fits the bill ..and actually ages kinda nicely.. I am also a fan of the black cavendish ...the stuff isn't going to win awards, but I have had good experiences with those two; when it gets miserable hot/humid in the summer I...
  3. kg.legat0

    J.M. Boswells - Chambersburg

    I always love visiting there - I live about 3 hours away but book music jobs out that way just so I have an excuse to go visit :)
  4. kg.legat0

    Cornell & Diehl: Decanting

    I cannot agree with the approach feels counterintuitive to open up a fresh tin and just walk away, but I honestly find the longer the better. be fair, I like my tobacco crispy. Most recently, this year's iteration of Sun Bear ...I was eager and smoked a bowl as soon as I opened...
  5. kg.legat0

    Why Do Aromatics Have a Bad Rap?

    Definitely! I do agree with the idea that we don't see a lot of exclusive aro-only smokers here seems like these folks have to exist in droves, but, they might not have as much to chat about on a forum like this.
  6. kg.legat0

    Why Do Aromatics Have a Bad Rap?

    This thread has been an interesting read. I have found my enjoyment of aromatics to only be enhanced over time. That said, there are a number of aromatic blends that are very 'meh' even when smoked slowly. Oddly, I find this to be a real hit-or-miss ordeal though ...even more oddly, I have found...
  7. kg.legat0

    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2023?***

    Enjoying a second bowl after a full-flavor jazz gig - a few nights ago, several IPA's influenced a decision to buy a pound of Peter Stokkebye 315 Black Coffee from P&C for ten bucks ...somehow, this has proven to be a great decision as I have smoked nothing else since I got it - cheers folks!
  8. kg.legat0

    Hello from Pittsburgh,PA

    It sure is! ...been doing it for about 10 years, luckily I found the joys of pipe smoking about 5 years back haha - that commute is dedicated pipe time! I do get to work at home a good bit tho, and I am thankful for that. Great pipe smoking weather around these parts, today!
  9. kg.legat0

    Forum Jazz fans and Jazz musicians?

    This thread is rich with great musical taste! I love jazz, fusion, etc ...I am a big fan of all types of instrumental music, mainly. I play anywhere from 4-8 gigs a month as a solo instrumental guitarist - I am excited as I get to play an upscale local restaurant on Tuesday and then my local...
  10. kg.legat0

    Hello from Pittsburgh,PA

    Welcome! I work over at CMU and live in Westmoreland county - great folks here to chat with about pipes and tobacco. Cheers!
  11. kg.legat0

    Any chess players?

    I almost started a thread a while back asking the same thing. I am pretty bad, but I have been playing daily and doing tons of puzzles for about a month and have been getting better. I play a lot on lichess and - if anyone ever wants an easy win, get in touch... lol
  12. kg.legat0

    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2023?***

    Currently eyeballing a selection from the 'commuter pipe' drawer for a mid-day bowl of Mac Baren Original Choice. Earlier, C&D Redburn - this blend and a cup of coffee will sure light a fire in the ole furnace! Cheers!
  13. kg.legat0

    Mac Baren Mixture Modern

    As far as I can tell, it only comes in the 3.5oz tins...I would probably buy a pound bag if it was available. I have been going through a tin of Modern very quickly.
  14. kg.legat0

    ***What Are You Smoking, September, 2023?***

    Smoking 2020 Newminster 400 Superior Navy Flake in this Baraccini Mare Blue - recently had the draft hole corrected by Rich at Briarville everyone else, I had an excellent experience dealing with his business - he made 3 of my 'problem pipes' into first string smokers! Earlier, Mac...
  15. kg.legat0

    Greetings from.Pittsburgh

    Welcome! I'm from over in Westmoreland county, but I do IT over at CMU.
  16. kg.legat0

    What do You Enjoy While You Smoke?

    Playing chess, imaginary telepathic conversations with my cats, off-camera zoom meetings and tech support calls for work ...I don't shower, sleep, or cook while I smoke a pipe...but most things become a bit more pleasurable with a pipe :)
  17. kg.legat0

    ***What Are You Smoking, September, 2023?***

    2020 PS Bullseye Flake in a D'Argento, playing chess and drinking a Coke Zero and Jim Beam - a lovely pairing for this deliciously cool evening. Cheers folks!
  18. kg.legat0

    Mold in Cornell & Diehl Steamworks

    Ah man, I saw that photo too (I know that guy!) ...too bad to see this. I heard the blend is great. :/
  19. kg.legat0

    ***What Are You Smoking, September, 2023?***

    Finishing up some Mac Baren Vanilla Cream in a vintage Medico - up next, Sun Bear in a Savinelli ...Big Cat's choice, of course…
  20. kg.legat0

    ***What Are You Smoking, September, 2023?***

    The Mrs. fell asleep earlier, but I am wide awake - smoking one of my most time-tested pipes, a pipe that is truly a friend - PS Luxury Navy Flake (2020) in this lovely Dr. Grabow Riviera, drinking an IPA - cheers folks!