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  1. spartacus

    Thank you! New Member Post

    Welcome from Arizona!
  2. spartacus

    Burley issues

    Burley always roughs up my mouth a little. With the exception of Semois. I do enjoy a good burley blend, I just have to limit what, when, and how much I smoke it.
  3. spartacus

    Tobacco: Last Affordable Luxury.

    It's just a matter of time before the cost will catch up. It will probably still be the cheapest form of tobacco. Enjoy it while you can.
  4. spartacus

    Filters that Minimize Taste Modification.

    Maybe try smoking it out of a Churchwarden. Long stems seem to help with bite. Or, just smoke real slow.
  5. spartacus

    Unfulfilled Pipe Order (Walt Cannoy)

    That doesn't sound like Walt. I'd reach out to him. Maybe he thought you wanted your money back and not the pipe. Maybe it will take longer than a week.
  6. spartacus

    Plastic in Capstan

    I smoke Capstan almost everyday. I've never seen that, though I haven't looked real hard. I better start paying attention!
  7. spartacus

    Hey from NJ

    Welcome from Arizona!
  8. spartacus

    Aging Bayou Morning?

    For me 5 years and beyond is the sweet spot for Bayou Morning and Bayou Morning Flake.
  9. spartacus

    Frustrated by Escudo Navy De Luxe Rolls

    I'm an Escudo fan and agree that 2008 and earlier are the better years for Escudo. The new stuff is good but not what it used to be. I like the new stuff after it's been stoved much better than fresh.
  10. spartacus

    How Much Is In Your Cellar ?

    Enough for me and some friends!
  11. spartacus

    Greetings from Coos Bay Oregon

    Welcome from Arizona!
  12. spartacus

    Possible Shill Bidding on Tinbids?

    I have sold a lot of items on TinBids for a charity. But; I don't put a reserve price and my listings start at $10. I let the market decide what it's worth. I've never had an issue and 80% of what I have sold are US buyers.
  13. spartacus

    What Would You Do? Last Bowl...

    I'd smoke it now and then move on in search of another enjoyable blend.
  14. spartacus

    New Guy from Idaho!

    Welcome from Arizona
  15. spartacus

    The (Un)Official PipesMagazine Secret Santa Thread 2022!

    My Secret Santa visted Tobacco Pipes. I was supprised by the box and it took me a minute to put two and two together. A nice haul from my SS! Thank you. All blends that I enjoy.
  16. spartacus

    Cigar Auction?

    Any aged AF Don Carlos #2?
  17. spartacus

    Hello from Murtaza Hashwani, London

    Welcome from Arizona!
  18. spartacus

    The (Un)Official PipesMagazine Secret Santa Thread 2022!

    In for another year of festivities!
  19. spartacus

    Hello from Japan

    Welcome from Arizona