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    New Again Piper from Calgary!

    Welcome from W NY
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    Parker Pipes

    My recent find is a semi vintage Parker stack Jockey Club. One of my best smokers. Am I rite that they were Dunhill made ?
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    Show your Heritage line Kaywoodies

    The top pipe with stem logo is stamped Heritage Embassy. The long shank is marked Leonard’s. I read they were made a short time by Kaywoodie.
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    Returning to Canada with Tobacco: Receipts Required?

    If you search prior posts on this subject you will note that the amount you are bringing in is the max allowed duty free. Not sure if Customs would have a gram scale at the ready. The receipt may be a good thing to produce if required to identify as tobacco.
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    Always used distilled because my well water tastes great but is heavy in calcium. The modern electric makers are destroyed within a few.months.
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    New Member

    Welcome from W NY
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    Howdy all

    Welcome from W NY. Glad they tore down the Chelsey Naval Hospital, I was an inmate there during Nam.
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    Collectible Pipes Replaced Stems

    Please excuse the typo but I think this maybe a new German word for getting screwed !
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    Ruminations on Bargain Pipes

    I woun’t knock the quality smoke produced from the thick wall pipe but the rustication looks like it was made by a chain saw !
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    Collectible Pipes Replaced Stems

    When buying pipes at a premium price I always look for same with original stems. Logos some times missing because of careless buffing. When I ask some sellers on e bay when in doubt the common answer is they have limited knowledge in this area but whimidhedkmodhefen looking at others in the...
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    Pipe Collection Quandary

    Most professional buyers or commission sellers only want valuable individual pipes that can be retailed in a short period of time. Cost of cleaning or needed repair should be considered when you are offered about 1/2 of potential sale. Selling as a lot price probably not meet your expectations...
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    Local B&Ms

    I am lucky to have a great shop near Buffalo NY. In house pipe maker, repairs custom blends Also a Pipe Club with a retired Doctor, Lawyer and even security ex cops and the owner openly packes Glock 9 mm !
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    Greetings from East Tennessee

    Welcome from W NY Glad to have you.
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    Your Experience with Bit Grips/Softy Bits?

    I have tried them, not a bad idea for a clencher but you can only imagine what is growing underneath without peroxide cleaning !
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    Hello from DFW!!!

    Welcome from W NY. USA
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    Hello from DFW!!!

    Welcome from W NY
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    How Long Have You Smoked a Pipe?

    Started at age 18 now 84. When my Dr. Asked if I smoked it only resulted in a smile.
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    Vintage Beckler Sculptured Meer. 02/1724

    Unique bowl by master carver, needs 16 mm stem. $168 pp Pay Pal F F. Conus only.