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  1. warren

    Pipe you didn’t like becomes favorite

    I won't have a pipe I don't like. If after a decent number of bowls, all imperfect experiences, the pipe pipe is tossed in the trash bin. I simply can't tolerate a tool that doesn't perform to my standards. Such a pipe doesn't merit space in the house as far a I'm concerned.
  2. warren

    Do You Rotate your Pipes?

    I do, every few thousand bowls. It goes left rear swap with front right and right rear swapped with left front.
  3. warren

    Need Some Advice, Please!

    Just exhibit a bit of self-control would be my suggestion. If you are inclined to obsessive behavior ... well, you are on your own I guess.
  4. warren

    Your Experience with Bit Grips/Softy Bits?

    I use them on bits I pierced with a K-9. I've no problem with 'em. But, many of the purists here decry their use. I'm more "whatever works for you" type.
  5. warren

    I'm Back, MSO 489

    You were greatly missed! Good to know you are still above ground. bdw
  6. warren

    A quiet turning?

    That is a scary, unsupported but, still scary. Cigarette smoking keeps the industry as a whole more or less solvent. Pipe smokers are such a tiny portion of the world-wide market for tobacco. I'd love to see the data Sean used to support his conclusions.
  7. warren

    Big Chief Electric Smoker Any Good?

    I just took a look at the Cookshack webpage, I'm tempted. I'll pick one and give it a few test drives. Maybe the SMO066 or SMO056. Seems capacity is the only real difference. This will be a major change for me. Will give it a fair shot though.
  8. warren

    Big Chief Electric Smoker Any Good?

    Many people seem to get an acceptable meal out of an electric smoker. Seems to be what you provides you and friends with something you can tolerate or, even enjoy. Me? I wouldn't think of owning one. But, that's just my personal choice. I'm not interested in "set and forget." Smoking...
  9. warren

    The Relight debate

    No debate. If the tobacco goes out, it's time to relight. How often one needs to relight is mostly dependent on the smoker and his ability to proper stuff the bowl, his cadence, the environment (in doors or out, breeze? and so forth.). Nothing improper with relighting or even becoming...
  10. warren

    I've Got Friends in Low Places

    It's interesting to me how beef cuts are named in different area of the US and can even be variable in the same town. Years ago a rib steak was bone-in while the rib-eye was the same cut without the bone. T-bones did not include a full sized tenderloin. A standing rib roast was just that and...
  11. warren

    In Praise of Mixture 79

    I believe my first bowl ever was this. It's a wonder I kept on with the pipe. But, that's why there are so damned many blends out there.
  12. warren

    I've Got Friends in Low Places

    I can fit in wherever you wish. I am not one to compartmentalize but. some must in order to be comfortable I've noticed. I prefer to take people at face value until they have established themselves as either good or bad, useful or useless. That being said, I enjoy cheap, machine made cigars...
  13. warren

    Meerschaum pipes

    Indeed! Should have read "Lots of wives tales" flowing about. Autocorrect and a lack of proof reading by the author. :poop:
  14. warren

    Amazing Display: Woman Does 36 Backflips in Under 30 Seconds.

    An impressive feat to be sure!
  15. warren

    White Owl Cigars: Probably the Best Cigar Experience Available

    I guessing my palate is much better than yours. My serious cigars, not the ones I smoke simply for the nicotine, must be full of flavor and, most importantly, rolled between the soft, feminine, nubile thighs of a well trained and experienced young lady.
  16. warren

    Little Bo Peep

    Quite an undertaking and commitment you are contemplating. Good luck!
  17. warren

    Offensively High Resale Prices On Unicorn Blends

    If one wishes to stay in business, ethics do indeed play a part, a big part.
  18. warren

    Meerschaum pipes

    You could go the cotton glove route. How complicated do you wish the experience to be? Did you get a meer to watch it color? If so, go with the glove or make sure hands are clean or ... keep your paws on the stem when smoking and bowl is in use. It's a smoking tool. Enjoy it! Or, you could...
  19. warren

    Offensively High Resale Prices On Unicorn Blends

    Life isn't fair. It was never meant to be. It's how one handles life's problems that determines success or failure. You are the only one who can determine how you meet life's vicissitudes. Meek acceptance or aggressive forward movement are your two choices. Your fictional retailer wouldn't...
  20. warren

    Offensively High Resale Prices On Unicorn Blends

    Very true. It's so much easier for people to blame everything but themselves. It's so much easier to simply accept one's lot in life as opposed to doing what is necessary to improve it. I'm the only one in control of my life. I love to read/see the stories of mentally deficient/physically...