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  1. ClenchedBilliard

    Jim's C&D Toscano Maestro Reviews.

    I love Toscano cheroots, these are eagerly anticipated. #adjectives
  2. ClenchedBilliard

    C&D Mold!

    I've bought countless tins and pounds of C&D over the past 25ish years. I've never once experienced mold in any of it. Then again I keep my tinned blends in their tins as God intended and store my bulk in thoroughly cleaned jars. Its a wild world out there, micro organisms abound...
  3. ClenchedBilliard

    Which GL Pease Should I Buy?

    I’d suggest you try Bijou. It’s very similar to Sun Bear and available year round.
  4. ClenchedBilliard

    Best Blend of 2023: An Elimination Game

    From Beyond and it’s not even close
  5. ClenchedBilliard

    Jim's Seattle Pipe Club Christmas Spirit 2023 Review.

    Apple brandy and a crumble cake format, I said the hell with it and got a tin.
  6. ClenchedBilliard

    Tell me about Drucquer&Sons

    Trafalgar is a very nuanced Turkish forward medium English. It comes off as a pleasantly complex blend, especially if you enjoy savory orientals. Casbah is a very Latakia forward blend, but each of its components gets its chance to shine as you burn through a bowl. I love it.
  7. ClenchedBilliard

    Core Four

    Right now I'd say: Mountain Camp Casbah Northwest Trek Figgy Pudding *list is eternally subject to change
  8. ClenchedBilliard

    Drucquer & Sons recomendations

    Casbah is a favorite of mine, just polished off my second tin this year. Loch Ness is also very good, it’s very similar to Blairgowrie but has a nice depth to it.
  9. ClenchedBilliard

    Thoughts on Ravenwood?

    Nepenthe is absolutely incredible, I highly recommend it. I tried his Frog Morton's Chalet and it didn't do much for me, it was a fairly pedestrian aromatic English.
  10. ClenchedBilliard

    Kajun Kake - C&D Classic

    Back when Va/Pers were my thing Kajun Kake ranked very highly in my collection. Sweet, spicy, the cakes smell like chocolate milk to me. I absolutely adored it.
  11. ClenchedBilliard

    C&D's From Beyond Returns

    I am so excited! I thoroughly enjoyed the initial run, I only hope the second run lives up to my memories.
  12. ClenchedBilliard

    Favorite Oriental Blends?

    I was afraid you'd say that 😄
  13. ClenchedBilliard

    Favorite Oriental Blends?

    I just recently discovered Estervals website, which I almost regret now because I’m super tempted to make an order despite the shipping cost from Germany 😣 Soraya is one that is intriguing me, plus a few others. Trying to talk myself out of it…
  14. ClenchedBilliard

    Favorite Oriental Blends?

    My regular lineup is predominantly oriental forward stuff, here's a few of my current favorites: GL Pease Caravan Drucquer & son Casbah (LOVE this one) Ravenwood Nepenthe LJ Peretti Cambridge Flake, and also Tashkent (bulk) Country Squire Shepherd's Pie (bulk)
  15. ClenchedBilliard

    Name ONE favorite...

    C&D- Mountain Camp GL Pease- Caravan Wilke- Crystal Palace Country Squire- Northwest Trek, Shepherd's Pie, Cornishman, Cowboy Coffee (love all 4 equally, no way I could choose just 1, the other 3 would kick my ass if I did) LJ Peretti- Cambridge Flake Watch City- the Churchwarden Drucquer-...
  16. ClenchedBilliard

    Have You Found "Your Blend"?

    I've found it, though I enjoy the eternal search to find it's better. Its not even so much a single blend that I zero in on as it is a particular flavor profile. My enjoyment comes from finding new and interesting blends that hit closer and closer to that ideal profile for me.
  17. ClenchedBilliard

    In Praise of the Humble No. 400

    Same here, I thought I was dropping in to leave a "Hell yea I love me some #400 too brother!" but alas, wrong #400 haha. I shall take my leave.
  18. ClenchedBilliard

    Most disappointing Tobaccos.

    C&D Palmetto Balkan. I had such high hopes when that one came out and went all in in 2x8oz tins. I was highly disappointed, I utterly detest what they did to the Latakia in it. In fact I still have an unopened tin and 98% of another that I should find a good home for, because it ain’t at my...
  19. ClenchedBilliard

    This is a request from Latakiaphiles...

    Caravan, Quiet Nights, Blackpoint, in no particular order except that Caravan is my favorite.