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    Jim's Latest William Conrad Pipe Acquisition.

    Definitely a Sylvester the cat expression. A grin from ear to ear. What a wonderful thing to see. Congratulations Jim and way to go Jesse! Richard
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    Back From Vegas, Baby!

    What a wonderful time at the West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas this past weekend. There was something for everyone with all ranges of pipes, tobacco, and related items. This is a really friendly show and it is nearly impossible to meet a stranger. The ease of networking and creating lasting...
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    Texas Pipe Show Was Amazing Success

    What a great show. Thanks to Pylorns and all that helped put this together. The venue was perfect. Pops Safari Room was most accommodating friendly and comfortable. Lots of good vintage tobacco, pipes and stuff. Looking forward to next year. Congratulations Wes on the slow smoking contest...
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    Forced to Quit Smoking, Lots of Great Pipes for Sale

    Sad news. Tried to PM you but not sure it went through.
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    $1000 Ashford

    Another eBay moment. Smaller dots, chunkier shank, longer stem with less bend. Not as appealing as SSJones pipe. We will have to see if the high bidder actually pays or retracts, etc. a frequent occurance on eBay events like this. Exactly as Jesse has identified in numerous posts about the "eBay...
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    Pipestud is Awesome!

    Absolutely. The very best and a fellow Texan. Steve, have a wonderful and well deserved vacation.
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    So I Finally Opened a Tin of Cabbie's Mixture

    Hawky I had the same experience. I've been smoking Cabbies Mixture since it was first released then just yesterday I opened a tin I bought in March 2016. This was not Cabbies Mixture at all. No wonderful aroma and so flat tasting that I ended up throwing it in the trash. I have many other tins...
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    Texas Pipe Show Finalized and Website Launched!

    Great work putting this together James. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Richard
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    The Chicagoland International Pipe & Tobacciana Show 2017

    Woodsroad, mostly true but for me the opportunity to spend time with some of my favorite people is the basic draw. Yes the pipes are fantastic, there's an international flair, and side programs for those interested, but where else can you spend hours into the early morning talking pipes and...
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    1912 Barling On eBay - More eBay Frolics

    Barling and Sasieni prices are definitely up the last few months. But so what. Moving money in the marketplace is good for the economy and demonstrates the strength of our hobby. Those of us that purchased early when things were lagging can appreciate our buying savvy and always thin the herd if...
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    This one in one out rule...

    My wife and I had a similar rule when we lived onboard our boat. Space was an issue, so if you brought something aboard something had to go. With pipes it seems that buy one then a couple more to keep it company is more the case. I invariably but two or three others when I buy one.
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    Best Customer Service In The World

    Very satisfied with my SPC purchases. A professional group of enthusiasts. Tobacco selection and pricing is excellent. Packaging is perfect. Estates are sometimes a little overpriced but most probably reflect their selection, condition, and audience. Thoroughly enjoy visiting their table at the...
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    Pre-Transition Barling

    Magic pipes. Nice blast.
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    Pre-Transition Barling Arrives--Should I Keep It?

    Once you smoke it all questions will be answered. Take the plunge.
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    Man, I love my B&M! - Jackpot!

    Very nice to find these available. I called Mike and he had more product but said that he doesn't mail.
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    West Coast Pipe Show - READ If You're NOT Going

    What...Nate has Peck's taste?
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    2016 West Coast Pipe Show - Las Vegas

    Looking forward to stopping by Steve!
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    PAD - Scottie Butterscotch Bing

    That is most striking. Elegant in form and the stem treatment just really sets it off. The stem appears to be a matte finish which is particularly attractive given the band and bowl polished finish. What is the weight?
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    2016 West Coast Pipe Show - Las Vegas

    Go to the show. Bring lots of money. Smoke everywhere (well almost). Meet great people that smoke pipes. Have fun. Repeat annually.