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  1. pipesticks

    Old Hollywood Briar on YouTube

    I think some of you guys are being a bit judgemental and harsh. Most of these youtubers aren't trying to sell you something. They are average folks with little video experience just trying to get out there to share and enjoy the hobby with others. Give them a chance and you might get to feel...
  2. pipesticks

    Salt & Alcohol Soak Treatment

    I use different reamers and knives and then sandpaper to remove stubborn cake on estate pipes. I use salt/alcohol to remove oils and tastes (ghosts) but it doesn't always work on removing the ghosts. Somewhere on the forum, I read about using used wet coffee grounds instead of salt/alcohol...
  3. pipesticks

    How to Clean Silver Bands

    I use WEIMAN Silver Wipes, disposable polish and tarnish remover. They seem gentle and works on silver plate too. It works perfect on the silver band on my old Peterson Donegal Rocky.
  4. pipesticks

    Just got this from

    I think we should continue to ponder Laudisi vs. STG conspiracy theories until proven otherwise. Drawing conclusions based on rumor, conjecture and hearsay is a time-honored tradition and an integral part of the pipe smoking hobby.
  5. pipesticks

    Surgical Tubing Soft Bits

    I bought a length of latex hose from Ace to try. It was horrible....chewy and squeaky. Not at all a pleasant experience. I would compare it to chewing on rubber bands. My preference is shrink tube...much thinner, more rigid and a superior mouth feel to softy bits.
  6. pipesticks

    How Many Times?

    Oh, I do....and run pipe cleaners thru it too, but it will often still want to gurgle after just one bowl and it's just simpler to grab a dry pipe. It's also a great excuse to have lots and lots of pipes :-)
  7. pipesticks

    How Many Times?

    It all depends on the tobacco. Humectant-laced tobaccos like Sutliffs can trash a pipe in one bowl. Or I can smoke something drier like a C&D bulk blend 4-5 times before deciding to give the pipe a rest. I've been on a Sutliff 515 RC-1 "Redcake" kick lately. I love the stuff, but I can let it...
  8. pipesticks

    Three Cheers for Coffee Grounds!

    One issue folks in more humid areas may encounter using this wet coffee grounds method is introducing mold. Grounds moistened with just water is the perfect breeding ground for spores. Either use alcohol or put the pipe in an area where it will dry out quickly. Moldy pipes are tough to rid of...
  9. pipesticks

    Altering a Sitter - Bad Idea?

    I'd leave it and live with it as is, but it's probably just a wonky high point or two in the rustication. Chalk a flat porous surface, like a piece of unfinished wood, then drag the bottom over it to find the high spots. It may just be a simple matter of knocking down a peak or two.
  10. pipesticks

    What Would You Do?

    Free pipes is good. I've received a slew of free pipes from P&C over the years. I admit, none of them have made it onto my short list of favorite pipes, but I smoke them all and it's a good way to build your collection on the cheap. I wouldn't worry about backorders too much at P&'ll get...
  11. pipesticks

    (Probably) My Last Dunhill PAD

    I doubt I'll miss Dunhill. I got enough to last me till I'm dead :roll:
  12. pipesticks

    Missouri Meerschaum

    Just stuff it and light it. Most folks toss out the filter but that's personal preference. The only thing I'd recommend is stopping when you taste burning wood at the bottom. That's the shank burning that extends into the bowl and it takes several smokes to get that sufficiently coated/charred...
  13. pipesticks

    Rolling Pipe Tobacco?

    Tobacco is tobacco. Stuff a pipe, stuff a tube, roll it, grind it up and snort's all the same stuff. The difference is in the attitude of the consumers. I've actually heard pipers claim their walls don't turn brown because pipe tobacco is superior to that nasty, foul, evil weed they...
  14. pipesticks

    Show off Your Linkman's Pipes Here

    The Linkman Factory Building built in 1922 is still there at 1150 Fullerton Ave in Chicago and you can check it out all around on googlemaps street view. It is in gorgeous restored shape pretty much as it was nearly 100 years ago. It still has the "M. Linkman & Co." proudly chiseled over the...
  15. pipesticks

    St Claude?

    No response here, so I called SPC yesterday and had them pull one off the shelf (a smooth canadian). No cork, standard briar/vulcanite setup. And she said the pipe looked to have a shellac finish.
  16. pipesticks

    Any Feedback on ??

    They've been on my radar for a few months, so it's not liked they popped up overnight. Searching the usual spots produces no feedback that I can find anywhere. They claim to service both retailers AND consumers.
  17. pipesticks

    Any Feedback on ??

    Located in Ormond Beach, FL. Has anybody done business with these guys? They have some great prices and decent stock, but it really strikes me as odd that I've never heard anything about them before.
  18. pipesticks

    My MM Stash Just Arrived...First 7-Day Grab Bag Reveal

    I like to mud my cobs, especially when there is a larger gap between the shank extension and the hardwood plug. Sure, it works itself out eventually, but I'd rather have that void filled with pipe mud instead of unburnt tobacco. It also helps the shank extension into the bowl maintain it's...
  19. pipesticks

    St Claude?

    Sparrow, that's a nice looking Billiard there. I have my eye on a smooth Canadian. One question tho....does your pipe have the corked mortise setup or a standard vulcanite in briar mortise? I've had Ropps with the cork before and they always crumble with age. I'll grab that Canadian if it's a...
  20. pipesticks

    What's the Best Bagged Virginia?

    Also, I kind of like Low Country's Natural Virginia and Oriental. It's cheaper than D&R too. Available from SPC. I would not, however, recommend the Natural Virginia and Burley. It tastes extremely harsh to me.