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  1. rushx9

    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2021?***

    Haven't posted since my buddy, BROBS got the boot.. ? But I'm currently smoking '19 CRF in a Pioneer Block meer Calabash that he gifted me out of the kindness of his great big animal lovin' heart! Here's to BROBS? Back to lurking for me. Sayonara, folks.
  2. rushx9

    VaPers as Fruity as Dorchester?

    I have a tin that I haven't opened yet, but I've been told it has a citrus/apricot topping by a few friends and trusted forum members.
  3. rushx9

    Sutliff Crumble Kake Red VA...Thoughts?

    The vinegar smell will mostly dissipate. I enjoy the Sutliff Crumble Kakes, especially with a year or more age. They don't really reach the heights of McC Red Cake, but they're still pretty tasty, and probably the closest thing out there. Not gonna have the deeply fermented McCatsup thing...
  4. rushx9

    MacBaren HH Pure Virginia... I Think I Got Screwed

    My experience with HH Pure is they were the most perfect, narrow, stick o' gum lookin' flakes I've ever seen. But I've never seen it in bulk, so I can't speak to that. Doesn't seem right, though.
  5. rushx9

    Do You Sell Your Estates Or Use Them Up?

    I've never burned out a briar, and I can't make myself throw something away if it still works well, so I clean them up and give them to new pipe smokers or friends with too few pipes! Also, a Lakeland lover like myself can always just dedicate a pipe to a single blend and not worry about...
  6. rushx9

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2021?***

    Built Lego forts with my youngest 'til my whole ass went numb. The teen is lurking about angstily with his headphones on, listening to old metal or some weird stuff that I'm too old to even know about. GF is half-drunk, asleep with her head on the dog and the cat on her leg. For the moment, all...
  7. rushx9

    Show Us Your Most Quintessential Billiard Pipe

    It's a surprisingly loose designation. Many of my Billiards borderline Brandy or Apple shapes, but aren't quite exaggerated enough to be considered that. The second one is the traditional cylindrical "Dutch" Billiard shape, but Oom Pauls and Hungarians are technically in the Billiard family...
  8. rushx9

    Hello from Oklahoma.

    Aloha from Cakalakua del Norte
  9. rushx9

    What's Your Favorite Pipe for Backpacking or Camping?

    My hiking/outdoor pipes are either cobs or Crowns (relatively inexpensive Italian made briar basket pipes with non-vulcanite stems). Cobs are great because of their light weight and ease of replacement if something were to happen. They also float, so that's a plus. These days, I try my best to...
  10. rushx9

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2021?***

    Balkan Blue in a Donegal Rocky 69.
  11. rushx9

    Hay & Molasses...

    He said *or a 10 year aged VA. GH Kentucky Nougat is a nougat flavored aromatic that tastes like that straight out of the bag. For molasses, SWR comes to mind. MacBaren Navy Flake. Maybe Stonehaven. And, as much as I hate to recommend a blend that I already have trouble getting my hands on...
  12. rushx9

    Fuel Flavored Tobacco

    Wait, is this not the diesel/coal/biofuel aromatics thread? I'm lost. Again.
  13. rushx9

    Fuel Flavored Tobacco

    Current Sobranie White. 10Russians, GH Balkan Mix, and sometimes, if the stars align just right, fresh Penzance. Maybe SG Black XX, depending on how it hits you.
  14. rushx9

    Where Can I Order Condor?

    Y'all makin' me wanna slice into my last lil chunk of Irish plug from Simon's stash... I mean, is the old Gallaher's stuff better? Sure. It has a certain.. something. Is that certain something the glandular secretions of goats? Who knows. All I know is I'd gladly smoke either with some...
  15. rushx9

    Now Everyone Can be Bored to Tears Once Again

    SaT gotta be the most affectatious and ill-informed... Muttonchop the dullest.. not a single YTPC pipe pundit seems like anyone I would take seriously or expect reliable info from at a pipe show or tobacco shop. The only YouTube dude I can remotely tolerate is BremenPipeSmoker, and that's...
  16. rushx9

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2021?***

    '15 SG 1792 in an no-name London Made saddle Zulu.
  17. rushx9

    Cutting Coins

    My favorite thing about coins is how they can be folded in half into a u shape, rolled, and fit perfectly into the chamber. Instead of rubbing out, I just try to make sure to rough them up a bit during the folding/rolling process.
  18. rushx9

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2021?***

    Verge Engine Retrodrive in a Peterson Green Spigot X220.
  19. rushx9

    Taco Bell

    Jk... I don't eat that trash.. Valentina, Tapatio, or Cholula (or sriracha, but not on mex) only. U kno I keep dat thang on me.