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  1. snagstangl

    Sodium Silicate And Mortises

    Dam mortise, always burning out.
  2. snagstangl

    An Interesting Kaywoodie Meerschaum Look at the first couple picks on the right side. Its a Kaywoodie Twin-bowl . $35 in 1955 but I cannot find a mention of the amber stem either.
  3. snagstangl

    Box Pass Extravaganza 2024 Signup

    Signed up. I did have a handful of aluminum pipe nails but I guess I can sub in 20 boxes of medico filters instead.
  4. snagstangl

    The Famous or Infamous You have Met

    I walked by Alton Brown in Vegas on my honeymoon 15 years ago. I state the obvious "Thats Alton Brown" to my wife at the time. He paused, nodded and kept walking. I saw Warwick Davis and family being transported on an electric cart in an airport in Florida.
  5. snagstangl

    An Interesting Kaywoodie Meerschaum

    I thought that was called the doctors pipe or some such thing.
  6. snagstangl

    GBD Rondelle Transplant Help

    So you are saying its possible...
  7. snagstangl

    Any clue what this pipe is?

    can you give a close up of the stamping on the stem? It looks sort of like a diamond.
  8. snagstangl

    Pipes - Artisans and Trademarks João Manuel Lopes

    I have it, the English version. It is pretty great.
  9. snagstangl

    Interesting Completed Ebay Auctions - British Pipes

    Not sure how you guys missed this one. SET OF TWO MEERSCHAUM PIPES - NEVER SMOKED | eBay -
  10. snagstangl

    How To Get a Thread Locked

    We Care a Lot had a horrible ad in front of this piece, so deleted.
  11. snagstangl

    Help ID Hallmark Maker

    surbrug best make , I was thinking it is a BBB.
  12. snagstangl

    Wanting a Small Chambered Pipe: Recommendations?

    I think you should look on ebay find something you like at a great buy it now price. But don't read the description concerning dimensions. More than likely it will show up on your doorstep much smaller than you expected.
  13. snagstangl

    Dunhill's Christmas Pipe for 2023? White Christmas bing crosby matched pair
  14. snagstangl

    A Little Humor for the Day

    I was looking at this website last night. My son walks up and asks if I am looking at Pipes Hub or OnlyPipes. You know because I'm obsessed with pipes.
  15. snagstangl


    "OK... First I'll access the secret military spy satelite that is in geosynchronous orbit over the midwest. Then I'll ID the limo by the vanity plate "MR. BIGGG" and get his approximate position. Then I'll reposition the transmission dish on the remote truck to 17.32 degrees east, hit WESTAR...
  16. snagstangl

    A Little Humor for the Day

    While at a gas station this morning, a Amish guy pulls up a horse and buggy. Tied the horse to a telephone pole. Unloads three plastic gas cans by a gas pump. He goes inside to pre-pay I guess ( his debit card must not have been working). Returned to the pump and started filling gas cans...
  17. snagstangl

    Disco-Era Pipes Were Actually a Thing 1977 Iwan Ries catalog from Steve Laug at Reborn Pipes. I have 1978 IRC catalog with a gold and platinum filigree pipe on the cover for only $1,250.00.
  18. snagstangl

    Movies that Make You Cry

    Young@Heart from 2007
  19. snagstangl

    Mindless Vandalism as Hadrian's Wall!

    I think the tree's accent was much better than Costner with no attempted accent.
  20. snagstangl

    Mindless Vandalism as Hadrian's Wall!

    They should have the kid cut up the the tree into 1 foot sections with an ax and bow saw. Including every branch.