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  1. didimauw

    Marxman Catalog

    That one looks like the perfect size for me. 5"? What does the button slot look like on those? I still say It doesn't get any better than my Punto Oros.... puffy
  2. didimauw

    Any reenactors on this forum?

    How long have you been doing that for Dan? How often do you get to do it?
  3. didimauw

    Ten Years Here, and Yet Another Birthday Pipe.

    Happy birthday! And beautiful pipe! What does that make us here? 2nd gen members?
  4. didimauw

    Show us Your Pipe/Tobacco/Accessory Trays!

    Geez, what, so you smoke Carter Hall out of cobs too now??? 😂
  5. didimauw

    Show us Your Pipe/Tobacco/Accessory Trays!

    Thats why I usually break everything down before it goes into jars or mylar. I can do a few oz at a time, dry it all out, and jar it so its ready when I am. Otherwise I could wait hours before my tobacco is crunchy enough to smoke.
  6. didimauw

    Longer shanks than stems

    I'm a sucker for a nice Rossi 😂
  7. didimauw

    Show us Your Pipe/Tobacco/Accessory Trays!

    Nahhhh this precious leaf deserves the finest china to be broken up upon.... Now that I say that....I do have my parents wedding dishes. Gold inlay trim. I mean, I'm all for using things and not displaying them. And they have been in a tote in the basement for almost 50 years now..... Hmmm
  8. didimauw

    Big Home-Brewed Billiard

    Beautiful pipe. Billiards really are the best. That stem material, never heard of it. What makes it different than other acrylic?
  9. didimauw

    Ruminations on Extra Large Pipes

    That pipe is stunning! One of my favorites yet!
  10. didimauw

    Show Off Your Meerschaum Pipes Here!

    You're amongst men here, there are no secrets. We all have favorites puffy
  11. didimauw

    Show Off Your Meerschaum Pipes Here!

    Are those two your favorites?
  12. didimauw


    Congrats!! I know how sad losing a pet can be. I'll never live without at least 2 of em.
  13. didimauw

    Leaky Zippo Can

    Man, thanks to this, I'm now going to keep an empty one around! Haha. I go through a small bottle every couple months or so.
  14. didimauw

    Corn Cob form Missouri Meerschaum...

    Legend is my favorite too!
  15. didimauw

    Do You Smoke a Pipe For:

    I'm going to be honest. I have no idea why I smoke a pipe. Just happened one day. Saw an ad, immediately bought a pipe, the rest is history.
  16. didimauw

    Whisky/Whiskey and . . . . Soda?

  17. didimauw

    Savinelli KS 121 Estate Pipe....Worth getting??

    If there was a sale on used slightly chewed drinking straws would you buy them? Kidding...sort of. puffy My Savinellis are my favorite pipes.
  18. didimauw

    Smoking outdoors and the effect of weather conditions

    It gets so humid here in Wisconsin. Some days my 3 day old dry stale tobacco, gets fully rehydrated while trying to smoke. Ruining the whole drying process for me. I like smoking when it's raining outside, but the humidity makes my crumbly crunchy perfect tobacco gurgle half way down
  19. didimauw

    The Four Hundred Marxman Pipe Owner's Thread

    I really need a Nording. I look at them alllllllll the time, and always change my mind. I just need to do it. That one of yours is fantastic. I like the dull well worn ones!
  20. didimauw

    My Pipes Were Not Stolen

    Michael, this is a test to see if you are still reading this thread. The guy probably put all the pipes in his mouth before he left. I mean, I would.