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  1. mikecronis

    Wtb/ Wtt Krampusnacht 2023 12-1-23
  2. mikecronis

    WTB: Sutliff Private Stock (opened or sealed) 11/17/23

    Looking specifically for these: Berkshire Kasimir Metropolitain Breckinridge Westminster Expedition #25 Sunrise Smoke Old Vienna Opulence #31 BRG Mixture Archduke Ferdinand Field Master Pistachio Apricots & Creme Honey & Chocolate Frosty Mint 2008 Old San Francisco Lord of the Manor St...
  3. mikecronis

    WTB: Sutliff Private Stock (opened or sealed) 11/17/23

    Completing my collection of Sutliff Private Stock out-of-production tins. Please let me know what you have available! I am okay with sampled or partially used and properly stored tins of any Sutliff Private Stock types. Thanks!
  4. mikecronis

    Pipe Lighter - Leads and Recommendations

    Her expression at 0:22 won me over, and I never looked back. Old Boy is the best. That being said, it is a bit small-in-the-hand. Recently buying an IM Corona PipeMaster, however to accompany it.
  5. mikecronis

    WTB/ISO Sutliff Private Stock Tins (sampled or sealed) (9/23/23)

    In search of out-of-production Sutliff "Private Stock" tins, especially Pistachio and Chocolate & Honey. Let me know what you have!
  6. mikecronis

    Best Peach?

    Looking for a Peach aromatic that doesn't fade. Sutliff's Peaches & Cream is probably the best everyday, or Taste of Summer Private Stock. I have some 2010 Peterson Summertime that's probably the best rarity, and I really like it, but it's almost gone now. Most of the others, including...
  7. mikecronis

    Pipe Tobacco

    Yes! It's a lot like Sutliff's Irish Creme however there's a notable nutty/whiskey taste. Think a vanilla Christmas Cookie with the tip dunked in whiskey. Sutliff Private Stock is my favorite. Trying to collect all of them.
  8. mikecronis

    Sutliff Private Stock Moroccan Spice

    You're right. I think Barbados Plantation is QAR and Molto Dolce is Creme Brulee, but there's something else about both in the Private Stock versions that's a little different. Not sure if it's Mandella Effect or the illusion I'm opening a tin instead of a baggie, but the Private Stock...
  9. mikecronis

    Sutliff Private Stock: Dark & Silky review

    Always a fan of Sutliff's Private Stock line (though usually packaged like potato chips with 1/2 air), Dark & Silky does not disappoint. Cracking open the pop-top can wafts very wet, awkward cuts of what smells like dark-chocolate cake right from a suburbia-chain restaurant's...
  10. mikecronis

    Sutliff Private Stock Moroccan Spice

    "Black Cavendish, Aged Virginias and White Burley are blended together in a unique fashion, topped with spices." - Sutliff I'm almost always a fan of Sutliff Private Stock deliveries, usually unique, high quality, and well-crafted; this is no exception. Cracking the can greets with chocolate...
  11. mikecronis

    Let’s talk about Boswell’s Northwoods

    Northwoods has a smokey, campfire taste to it with some "Balkan" similarities. Finishes with what seems to me to be S'Mores, which is unusual but tasty. Rainy, Washington State mountain dankness. Recommended on a cold night, but not an all-day smoke. Very, very good.
  12. mikecronis

    Flavored Tobaccos for a New Smoker?

    Woops, I meant to say Sutliff Queen Anne's Revenge, not Voodoo. Stupid Mandela Effect..
  13. mikecronis

    Flavored Tobaccos for a New Smoker?

    Sutliff Vanilla D40 MacBaren Vanilla Flake Boswell's Pipe's Cherry Smash Sutliff Chocolate Supreme Boswell's Chocolate Creme C'Est La Vie Chocolate Eclaire Sutliff's Barbados Plantation Sutliff's Voodoo Queen C&D's Visions of Celephais Grape East India Trading's Officer's Club MacBaren's 7 Seas...
  14. mikecronis

    Savinelli - Doblone d'Oro Review

    I heard this was a complex blend, so I gave it a try and bought a tin. Cracking it open it smells sweet like honey and orange juice in equal portions. Inside are curled medallions stuffed inside, hence the "Gold Doubloons" or "Gold Coins" of the name. These coins disintegrate by finger...
  15. mikecronis

    Cornell & Diehl, Captain Earle's Ten Russians Review

    Having tried Pirate Kake, and being a new fan of Latakias, I ordered the "beast" of Captain Earle's Ten Russians. Many reviews have scared me of this blend and I broke off chunks cautiously as it reeked as a true Lat-bomb, ruining fingers, pungent and alluring, but then again, it's an acquired...
  16. mikecronis

    Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake (Sea Scoundrels) Review

    I was excited at trying a true "Lat Bomb", that is, something so skunky with Latakia, that it would be disconcertingly bold. Everyone on forums around announced this would be the big bad daddy at 75% Lat, truly intense an experience. I hear there's an 80% out there.. 10 Russians I think...
  17. mikecronis

    Scandinavian Tobacco Group: C'Est La Vie Creme Caramel Review

    Well, then! Another winner for aromatic fans here. Smells like Häagen-Dazs Salted-Caramel ice cream all melted. Lights-up quickly enough and has a buttery, warm flavor, not unlike eating a Milky Way candy bar (the US variety), actually maybe 2 of them. I think that a newbie to pipe smoking...
  18. mikecronis

    What is the Best Balkan?

    I've tried quite a few, to include Sasieni Balkan and Arango Balkan Supreme. Which is the best?
  19. mikecronis

    C'Est La Vie Chocolate Eclair - Scandinavian Tobacco Group Review

    Well this is a surprise! Rather inexpensive bid at CigarBid website, I got this pack pretty quickly. Strong scent of thick chocolate smells almost cheap and I was hesitant so I stuffed it in my pipe tobacco fridge/humidor by New Air and let it set for a few months. Stuffing into my...