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  1. TheWhale13

    A Most Curious Blend: Gawith’s “Jamaican Flake”

    EU regulation does not allow tobacco to be called names likened to food.
  2. TheWhale13

    Post-2015 Samuel Gawith, Bob Gregory’s Story

    The mystery that I am most bewildered by is that of the origins of synjeco tobaccos. The social media woman for Gawith said that they haven't imported anything to them in years, but they are still selling their ropes. So I don't know what is going on there.
  3. TheWhale13

    School me on Cutty Shaped Pipes

    Very wise question Briar Lee. I have, of course, been ruminating about this too. In my reflections I have not found much... Some people have said that the "feet" are heat dissipators, but I don't believe that. It seems a lot more likely that it is just for the pipe to sit. Looking at charts...
  4. TheWhale13

    Kopp to Handle "Worldwide Distribution" of HU Tobaccos

    I mean, there is not any international distribution? Just imports? It's not like somebody in the US is selling HU right?
  5. TheWhale13

    Kopp to Handle "Worldwide Distribution" of HU Tobaccos

    My german ist quite schlecht, but it seems like those are "falling off the program", which I interpret as discontinued. Some of those like haymaker are made by Dan tobacco right? So if it is blends made by them being removed, one could understand why. Sad to see it happening.
  6. TheWhale13

    Legendary Tobaccos Availability?

    Really the only blends being raved about and called legendary are the ones that you can't really buy, which should tell you something.
  7. TheWhale13

    Roll 3 or 4 flakes into a plug, thus

    I don't see a problem, it's like folding and stuffing but in another direction. It must have worked somehow, otherwise they wouldn't have advertised the method.
  8. TheWhale13

    What are You Reading Now?

    I understand why you would do such a thing haha
  9. TheWhale13

    What are You Reading Now?

    Basically finished with Peter Singer's "Pracitical Ethics". Anyone philosophically minded with some thoughts about the book? I found it interesting, and in some parts persuasive. His points about euthanasia are very intriguing.
  10. TheWhale13


    16 was when I got serious with (cigars, but mainly-) pipe smoking.
  11. TheWhale13

    Being Honest.

    I mean the difference is that you're either being mean, or lying. And I'd rather lie. But I don't lie. Often people describing themself as "honest" are just being dicks, because honesty is telling what you really think when it is necessary. I agree with you though, never would I say that an...
  12. TheWhale13

    Finally! A World View That Makes Sense...

    Coffee without milk is like love without kisses... Or maybe it is buttered sausage. I love buttered sausage.
  13. TheWhale13

    Peterson My Mixture 965 - first bowl 😋

    965 was my first love in pipe smoking. Really wonderful blend.
  14. TheWhale13

    Impressed With HH Latakia Flake

    I've been wanting to try it for some time, but never did because like you said, latakia can be really overwhelming if you mostly smoke virginia based blends.
  15. TheWhale13

    White Russians

    I feel like bowling now...
  16. TheWhale13

    White Russians

    It is a wonderful drink, goes down a bit to easy though.
  17. TheWhale13

    Any Other Biker/Riders?

    I bought a Honda cb350sg 1987 this year as a first bike. Not very fast and it is a bit tired, but it is cheap in every way. Because it is so old insurance only runs about 40 bucks a year which is very nice.
  18. TheWhale13

    Desert Island Blends

    Brown Twist or Old Gowrie
  19. TheWhale13

    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2023?***

    Reiner Long Golden Flake in an AKB Meer. Coming out of a pipe smoking dry spell.