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  1. BriarBrook

    Corn Cob form Missouri Meerschaum...

    Southport Ferryman... perfect length, weight, and bowl size. Beautiful as well...
  2. BriarBrook

    Kansas City Club?

    Very informal Catholic Pipe Club meeting over Thanksgiving weekend. An hour and a half from downtown KC.
  3. BriarBrook

    Hello from the United Kingdom

    Greetings from North Missouri!
  4. BriarBrook

    Lifespan of Pipe Smokers

    Love hearing the stories/experiences everyone... thank you. For the record, I'm still alive almost 7 months after the original post.
  5. BriarBrook

    My Wife Is Going To Kill Me

    Please let her know that this random man on the internet 100% has your back!
  6. BriarBrook

    New releases?

    Krampusnacht released exclusively on today and the 500 units sold out in less than 30 minutes.
  7. BriarBrook

    Jon David Cole on Radio Show of November 21, 2023

    Hopefully, find out what's going on with the Tolkien re-releases.
  8. BriarBrook

    Is Customer Service a Thing of the Past?

    Put the defective SWR in a jar labeled "Cringle Flake 2021" and sell it on facebook... :LOL:
  9. BriarBrook

    Proposed UK NZ-style legislation

    I always laugh when I hear people from other countries talk about "free healthcare" and "free tuition". Nothing is free. They are taking YOUR money (taxes) and YOUR freedoms (laws) to make things "free".
  10. BriarBrook

    Sweetest Aro

    O Old Toby from Country Squire is sweeter.
  11. BriarBrook

    Open chat for the site?

    The Galactic Get Piped Club does weekly meetings on discord... really, discord is better than zoom or teams for that sort of thing. It has it's own chat rooms and server. I can send a link to anyone who's interested... not sure if that's allowed in the forum or not (seen as promoting another...
  12. BriarBrook

    How Many of you are Divorced?

    If there is any way possible to salvage your marriage, I would do it. Marriage can be very, very tough.
  13. BriarBrook

    Pipe "Break In"

    For the most part, I don't buy the whole "breaking in" claptrap. However, there are certain cobs that I think taste sour until they have had several smokes.
  14. BriarBrook

    Archetypal English

    I guess I have always thought of Nightcap as the standard.
  15. BriarBrook

    Do You Own a Pipe 5” or Less in Length?

    That's pretty much all I smoke...
  16. BriarBrook

    Peterson University Flake review

    Anyone else getting raisin from it? If so, might have to give it a try. Been looking for a tobacco with those notes.
  17. BriarBrook

    Pre-School Withdraws Book Showing ...

    I am 100% for censorship. Don't ask me what kind.
  18. BriarBrook

    Greetings from Missouri

    Greetings from North Missouri!
  19. BriarBrook

    ***What Are You Smoking, August 2023?***

    I have been smoking the $#!+ out of Missouri Meerschaum Party Line. Such a fantastic blend.