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  1. grizzly86

    My first Erik Nording!

    Looks like you did good; I really like it.
  2. grizzly86

    How Do You Like Your Steak?

    Knock the horns off, wipe it's nasty ass, wave it over the flame, and throw it on the play.
  3. grizzly86


    I for one will die before I allow myself to be disarmed. Let's just hope there are enough people left in this country to stand up for what they believe in.
  4. grizzly86

    Prayers Needed in CT

    As much as I would like to climb up on my soapbox and defend 2A I will bite my tongue. God bless these children, teachers, and families. I can imagine the pain that sick son of a bitch has caused them.
  5. grizzly86

    Let's See Your Dublins!

    @cigrmaster I was actually drooling over that Steve Morrissete.
  6. grizzly86

    Almost There...

    @tbradsim1 lol @fnord I am still a volunteer with Reddings Mill. There is an additional test I will have to go through on Jan 18; kind of like an ASVAB and a physical test that most departments around here require to be hired on; completely separate of the firefighter licensing. I have already...
  7. grizzly86

    Almost There...

    Thanks guys. I'm trying not to stress too much about it. Not liking the idea of having to make the drives at all.
  8. grizzly86

    Almost There...

    Had my state evaluations this morning for Firefighter I & II, and my evals for HAZMAT awareness and ops last Saturday. I was a little nervous going in to it, but knocked it out. Now all I have left is to make 2 trips to Jefferson City to take my written tests. I have four tests to do and they...
  9. grizzly86

    Early Bird Club

    Got up at 06:00. I am eating breakfast now them I have to drive to Carthage for state evaluations for FF1 and FF2.
  10. grizzly86

    Newest Addition to the North American Artisans Collection

    Wow, that one actually got me drooling.
  11. grizzly86

    Jar it or leave it?

    Don't toss it. You could always set up a swap with someone here.
  12. grizzly86

    Early Bird Club

    Morning guys; looks like I'll be staying home today. My son is running a fever of 102.7. :cry:
  13. grizzly86

    Fresh From The Press: Baron Samedi Midnight Plug

    Dang shawn you been busy. Those look good.
  14. grizzly86

    Hearth and Home

    Haven't tried those two, but I have tried quite a few of their blends and they are top notch. Smoking Caramel Apple Pie right now.
  15. grizzly86

    Tobacco Suggestions for a soon to be EX Cig Smoker

    Escudo I think would be a good one to try.
  16. grizzly86

    My best PAD - by far - WARNING Large Pics

    I have heard nothing but good about Boswell. I plan on getting one of their pipes on day, but looks like you have to be quick; they don't stick around long.
  17. grizzly86

    First P& Order

    P&C is great. They respond to emails crazy fast too.
  18. grizzly86

    Do Meerschaum pipes need to rest

    I'm with TopD. All I do is let it cool between smokes.
  19. grizzly86

    The Assault Continues

    Just giving you a hard time :nana:. Appreciate the offer I'll shoot you a PM.
  20. grizzly86

    The Assault Continues

    So you are the reason I still haven't got to try St James Flake :crying: