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  1. shermnatman

    Most disappointing Tobaccos.

    And that "member" would likely be @Grangerous, because it usually is! :LOL:
  2. shermnatman

    Most disappointing Tobaccos.

    For me, nothing will ever match the gut-wrenching and olfactory-obliterating experience of the time I opened a tin of D&R's London Dock. To each his own; but, I will never forget the overwhelming pungent chemical Cherry odor of Pink Urinal Cake suddenly filling the room upon opening that...
  3. shermnatman

    Article About Mad Magazine

    Gentlemen, Gentlemen... If you truly want The Inky One, aka Jim Amash , to join the conversation on all things MAD Magazine; and, share what he knows, you must summon him properly... Dim the lights; Light Incense and Candles; Draw Pentagram on the floor; Chant the proper Incantation of...
  4. shermnatman

    Nothing But a Bunch of Reactionaries Here!

    HEY, HEY, HEY!!!!!!... I resemble that comment!!! :ROFLMAO: - Sherm 'Iron Fist' Natman
  5. shermnatman

    Dunhill Clones With Least Latakia

    Great Question!!! Dunhill's Durbar is one of my most cherished 'non-daily bread' tabaks. I lamented the day it disappeared; and, I cannot understand why Peterson has not brought it back after so much time has passed. BE THAT AS IT MAY: May I direct your attention to Presbyterian Mixture...
  6. shermnatman

    People Who Correct You Incorrectly

    I am offended by all the people who were offended by those who were offended and by those who were not offended. :ROFLMAO: - Sherm Non-Social Justice Worrier Natman
  7. shermnatman

    Your Favorite TV Series

    STAR TREK : Original Series (and only the original series); BATMAN: Adam West; TULSA KING: Sylvester Stallone's latest vehicle on Paramount Plus; And, Honorable Mention MUST go out to: 1970s Saturday Afternoon WWWF's "ALL STAR WRESTLING" - with Andre The Giant; Bruno Sammartino; Chief Jay...
  8. shermnatman

    R.I.P Actor Mark Margolis, 83

    "... Roberto, is an expert in the disposal business." - Alejandro Sosa, Scarface.
  9. shermnatman

    Hawai’i Ban on Shipping

    Completely understood and agreed; however, the same Government who instituted these new 'Save the Keiki' Tobacco measures, also immediately supplied the "Ready $olution"... Simply bend-over and pay the the newly offered "License Fee" to The Man with his hand in your tobacco jar. You won't be...
  10. shermnatman

    Hawai’i Ban on Shipping

    Besides the politically-motivated special interest group who brought this thing about... Did a significant portion of the civil population of Hawaii ASK for this; OR, was it just foisted on the people from the powers-that-be? You have to love the line: "... we must protect our keiki (the...
  11. shermnatman

    Codgers: Tubs or Jars

    Yes, jarring is preferred; but, thankfully, John Middleton Company uses those fantastic 'Sta-Fresh' tubs, WHICH DO! Just one more reason to love good ol' Prince Albert! - Sherm Natman
  12. shermnatman

    Pipe Suddenly Getting Hot

    Back in the days when Northern and Mid-Western Theatres and other large buildings which serviced a lot of people were heated by a coal furnace, there used to be a dedicated 'Furnaceman' - who usually lived in the basement of the building, slept on a cot near the furnace, etc - and, in addition...
  13. shermnatman

    Pipe Shops in Philly

    The TinderBox in Haverford - About 8 miles from downtown Center City - has a respectable offering of pipes, IF you are mobile and not confined to the city, per se.
  14. shermnatman

    Brigham filter substitute?

    I have more Brighams in my pipe collection than any other brand; and, I do not use the distillators at all. A few years back I wrote up a whole long post on how to get the most mileage out of them. In short: 1. Rinse them really well under water. 2. Wrap each one tightly in a paper towel and...
  15. shermnatman

    Any Advice on Quitting Cigarettes?

    I did this. The key thing I can share with you about switching from cigs to pipe is to keep your Nicotine level up at all times. You cannot just hit a pipe when you want some Nicotine the same way can with a cigarette. Cigarettes are like the 'Crack' version of Nicotine delivery. You light up...
  16. shermnatman

    Humidity Disks

    I don't transfer discs. They are very inexpensive, so I just buy them by the handful ans dedicate them. And again, be sure to use distilled water - not tap water. I never had a problem since. - Sherm 'Spongy and Fresh Tabak' Natman
  17. shermnatman

    Humidity Disks

    Just as Brother @rustiepyles posted, you must hydrate these style discs. It is imperative that you use Distilled Water - as opposed to Tap Water - especially if you plan to store for sometime. I made this mistake when I first started using these style discs, and mold was the result. - Sherm...
  18. shermnatman

    Good Children’s Books

    What's wrong with the good ol' Brothers Grimm ? Nothing like scaring little kids with tales of being eaten by wolves, shoved in ovens, and harassed and tortured by witches! Wetting your bed at night after story-time builds character! :ROFLMAO: Sherm 'Mr Mom' Natman
  19. shermnatman

    Soon-to-be- Forgotten 80s Comedy Flicks

    ABSOLUTELY!!!!! 1981... PORKY'S... The one the started the whole 80s 'Teenage boys 'Trying to get laid ' High School Hi-jinx' movie trend. One could make the a very strong case for 1978's Animal House; but, I really feel that film is "it's own animal" about general collegiate mayhem and...
  20. shermnatman

    Hello. I Need to Chill Out.

    Welcome! Relax and Enjoy... @Grangerous even baked you a Welcome Cake! - Sherm 'Welcome Wagon' Natman