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  1. pipeinhand

    Only A Fall Leaves Pipe behind...

    I try to drink water but Bourbon keeps falling into it.
  2. pipeinhand

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (October 2016)

    Autumn Walk in my Sav churchwarden.
  3. pipeinhand

    What Is Everyone Drinking Tonight?

    3 fingers of Jefferson's Reserve 18, from the Stetzler-Weller juice gotten before it closed.
  4. pipeinhand

    Washington DC

    PM sent also. :puffy:
  5. pipeinhand

    Mushroom Nording

    I have 6 Nordings. They are some of the best holding, smoking and interesting pipes I have. You will not be disappointed. :puffy:
  6. pipeinhand

    The new FDA rules have put me out of business.

    I have considered all of that. Here is the thing. I do not have the money to fight any legal battles. ALL of my blends are after 2012. Two years can be shorted by a vote tomorrow. There are yearly and semi-yearly costs (business, and state tobacco fees that coincide with this point in time) I am...
  7. pipeinhand

    The new FDA rules have put me out of business.

    We can not deal with the new regs so as of tomorrow Jack Lee Blend tobacco company will be no more. We are now closed and no more orders will be taken. Thank you all for your support and wonderful comments. I will miss blending for everyone and hearing all your thoughts on the blends. The...
  8. pipeinhand

    Churchwarden Pipes. What's the Point?

    I own 14 now of different lengths. They do smoke different, I might say cooler but indeed a different taste comes out. When smoking a heavy Lat, I get an almost fruit taste that I do not get in my shorter pipes. One thing I do like is I can sit in my chair and never lift my hand off the arm...
  9. pipeinhand

    All the Gandalfs and Hobbits

    As most here know I am all over the Churchwarden pipes. I own now 16. My favorite is this Mark Tinsky he made me as per my wants. He will ask you to give him what you are looking for and show you some pics, then tweak it from there. I think I paid 260 for it and it smokes better than most pipes...
  10. pipeinhand

    ebay Was Hacked

    You may want to also change your PayPal password too. EBay owns them, and I may be just being paranoid BUT, everybody remember the Target debacle? It was announced 3 MONTHS after they knew it happened!
  11. pipeinhand

    A Short Guide to Plastics and their Potential Dangers

    Good work. I never store in plastic as I store sometimes for years. A Mason jar is the only way.
  12. pipeinhand

    Vintage Bourbon Bottle Identification?

    This is a private bottling of Heaven Hill whiskey. The Master distiller there has always been a Beam so I am sure it will taste pretty close to the current offering, but their Elijah Craig is a superb whiskey. The current Green Label is close to Jim Beam as one may expect, which I would...
  13. pipeinhand

    The squirrelinator is gone

    OK here she is.... Don't let that cute face fool you, she may be the devil.
  14. pipeinhand

    The squirrelinator is gone

    Thanks guys. Brad, yup but she just turns her head and barks. She is into everything, it had been 25 years since we have had a really young dog. I think she may be the devil.
  15. pipeinhand

    The squirrelinator is gone

    Jake, my black Lab of 12 years had to be put down 13 days ago. His back end and spine was just giving out and Thursday 2 weeks ago he had a stroke. I felt so bad I could not write about. Now the good news, Belle, a 3 month old female black Lab has come to live with us. She is so cute it tears at...
  16. pipeinhand

    Third Hand Smoke . . .

    Jake, my 110 pound Lab, gets the second hand smoke from my first hand smoke, and then releases it in the yard giving the squirrels third hand smoke to give to the birds giving them forth hand smoke which in turn give the deer fifth hand smoke. Now everything is dead because I enjoy a pipe. Woe...
  17. pipeinhand

    Mason Jars???

    1 jar 1 tin. I empty the tin into a jar and recycle the tin to the metal heap. No mixing, unless you want that. :)
  18. pipeinhand

    How many ounces per mason jar?

    I can get 10 ounces of ribbon into a quart jar if pressed down.
  19. pipeinhand

    Latakia Plus Topping Equals?

    In a couple of my early blends when starting mixing years ago I did a topped Lat. Yup, bad idea. It is better to top a VA or Burley than to mess with topping Latakia, get it just right and then mix it up. Mixing Lat and something makes for some very interesting flavor, and you get to control the...
  20. pipeinhand

    Great GrandFather's Pipe

    That is great! I wish I had any of my families pipes, my mom gave them all away when my dad died in 84', she didn't even think I would want them. Had I lived closer I would have gone and scored them before they hit the yard sale. Enjoy the legacy.