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  1. K

    Old Toby from The Country Squire

    Enjoy foggy pudding and second breakfast - but I love old toby. Also enjoy the pipe cottage. It was asked if they ship overseas - I know they ship Internationally to Canada so it’s probably worth an inquiry.
  2. K

    Hello from Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Welcome Jeff. I have frequented your store for years. Still have a good supply of your Gladstone bulk tobacco. Bought my first pipe from your shop.
  3. K

    Favorite Unconventional Christmas Films

    Little Women
  4. K

    Boswells is the best!

    Love to try their Christmas Cookie. Living in Canada I am not sure I will be able to. Anyone want to do a group order?
  5. K

    The Las Vegas Intl Pipe Show 2022

    I will be in Vegas for work starting Monday. I have convinced the travel coordinator to have me fly in a day early. However since I am coming from the middle of no where Canada I can’t arrive till 1 pm. I am staying at Caesars Palace. Given I will arrive at 1 pm need to clear customs and...
  6. K

    Vancouver Shops

    I do not know your home location but in addition to the gray labels - Canada, due to taxation, might have some of the higher tobacco prices you will encounter. I live in Canada and a major perk of my holiday travel is to purchase my legal importable limits. Best of my memory it’s $55 cdn for...
  7. K

    Anyone use Nasal Snuff?

    I like a good nasal snuff when I am at work. Pipe break is just not possible. Jip is my current favourite but I do like SNU nutty-ella and nutty joe.
  8. K

    Melfort, Sk Canada calling!

    Welcome from Regina SK
  9. K

    Question about 4noggins

    They fill a need. They are slow. I find their shipping to my area unnecessarily expensive. But they ship to my area. Sometimes any port in a storm is what you need.
  10. K

    SPC - Saskatchewan Pipe Club?

    My preference is Regina but with enough notice I can work with Saskatoon.
  11. K

    SPC - Saskatchewan Pipe Club?

    When I first joined there were a couple of members from Saskatchewan - I am wonder now that the weather allows for smoking outside is there any interest in a gathering. Talk pipes, tobacco, retailers, etc. perhaps a chance to trade samples. I am open to ideas. I tend to smoke alone but it...
  12. K

    Canada-USA Customs Question

    Certain retailers seem to have “better luck” at getting shipments through customs than others. I use SP for pipes. But not for tobacco.
  13. K

    Canada-USA Customs Question

    Canadian customs is like Russian roulette. I declare everything - sometimes your way over they waive you through. Sometimes your under and they search you. You never know which customs agent got in a fight with their spouse before work. The $40 duties are nothing however in comparison to...
  14. K

    Canada-USA Customs Question

    Well let me know if I can be of service. Let me be the first to welcome you to SK. Any chance your moving to Spy Hill?
  15. K

    Canada-USA Customs Question

    Alternatively. I could ship it to you if your not in the area. Or you can give it to a local BC piper and I can set you up with 80 grams in SK.
  16. K

    Canada-USA Customs Question

    I am unsure of the boarder regulations. However I will offer an alternative - I live in SK (Regina) if you ship it to me I will hold it. Then you can pick it up whenever you want and it never crosses an international boarder Not an elaborate plan to smoke your cellar.
  17. K

    The Country Squire

    Agreed. Based on the posts here I made my order. Everything was better than expected. Very excited to finally try Old Toby.
  18. K

    A Cosmic Windcap

    This is some serious next level s#it. Given me some serious pipe envy abd I don’t even like fishing.
  19. K

    The Country Squire

    Anyone from Canada used this retailer? I have wanted to ordered but have been reluctant.
  20. K

    Cult Blood Red Moon

    Hope this is not true. I really enjoy Cult’s Conspiracy Theory. It’s by I don’t know what I want to smoke default blend.