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  1. heathandleaf

    ***What Are You Smoking, August 2023?***

    Popped a bulging 2019 tin of Sansepulcro in a Becker. Such a nice blend to revisit.
  2. heathandleaf

    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2023?***

    GLP Géométrie in an A Hasty pipe on a kayak!
  3. heathandleaf

    Cringle Flake 2022

    For whatever it's worth, I've had similar experiences with all Sutliff Crumble Cake presentations. Though I enjoy the flavor, they are less forgiving on my tongue and generally require 97 relights per bowl. Ha!
  4. heathandleaf

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    I was told it is going to be re-released in April. The tins they had at the Muletown Pipe Show were all new.
  5. heathandleaf

    What Cigar are You Smoking? - 2022

    StillWell Star Navy 1056
  6. heathandleaf

    Making Your Own Blends from Your Cellar

    Blending is difficult. I shy away from my own creations because I don't want 4 oz of something that tastes worse than its components. That being said, I've tried a couple of recipes from others that have been worthwhile: 50% Planta Bulk Anno MMVII + 50% Cyprian Latakia. This came from Fred...
  7. heathandleaf

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2022?***

    Sutliff Birds of a Feather Uno in Musico Rhodesian
  8. heathandleaf

    Looking Forward To This

    I just stumbled across this at my "local" B&M yesterday. I had one bowl today. First impressions: very thick and dark slices, similar to Sutliff Crumble Kake Red Virginia. Very light vinegar smell in the tin. Moist, but breaks apart nicely for easier lighting and loading. Initial light met...
  9. heathandleaf

    Blends like Eight State Burley?

    According to my taste buds, two very close blends are: -Warped The Red Hunt -Cup O Joes 25th Anniversary And, I haven’t tried it yet, but based on smell alone, I would also venture a guess that House Reserve 2022 is along the same vein. All three of these are produced by Cornell & Diehl
  10. heathandleaf

    Reliable Soft Flame Pipe Lighters

    I have an Old Boy, an IM Corona pipemaster and a Dissum Inverted soft flame lighter. The Dissum is the least expensive, holds up to a little more wind than the former mentioned, good tank size, and lights every time. Very good flame adjustment also. Well worth the money, coming in around $45.
  11. heathandleaf

    ***What are You Smoking, April 2022?***

    Muletown Mixture 2022 in Marek Kando Rhodesian
  12. heathandleaf

    ***What are You Smoking, March 2022?***

    Low Country Guendalose in a Grechukin Design blowfish … while hiking, of course
  13. heathandleaf

    LJ Peretti Ampersand Flake

    That is fascinating!
  14. heathandleaf

    ***What are You Smoking, March 2022?***

    SPC plum Pudding Reserve in a Dunhill on a hike with wifey
  15. heathandleaf

    ***What Are You Smoking, January 2022?***

    Valle Crucis in a Dunhill Lovat 3111
  16. heathandleaf

    ***What Are You Smoking, January 2022?***

    Finishing up some 4th Generation 1931 in an Il Duca. Despite this blend drying out rather quickly in the tin, it has not had a negative impact on the flavor … pleasant surprise!
  17. heathandleaf

    Tobaccos that are Staples in Your Cellar

    C&D -Carolina Red Flake -Eight State -Sun Bear (original release) Esoterica -Margate -Pembroke -Penzance -Stonehaven F&T -Cut Va Plug -Special Brown Flake Gawith Hoggarth -Best Brown #2 -Bob's Chocolate Flake -Rich Dark Honeydew GLP -Barbary Coast -Maltese Falcon -Sixpence -Stonehenge -Union...
  18. heathandleaf

    Greetings from Tn

    I’m in, though I'm not a great planner either :/
  19. heathandleaf

    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2021?***

    Sixpence in Alexander dublin.
  20. heathandleaf

    Greetings from Tn

    Sounds like a good idea. I'm down.