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  1. chestercopperpot

    Any Other "Space Nuts" Out There?

    I grew up in the shadow of Purdue University, which is where a lot of astronauts graduated from including Neil Armstrong. Eventually when I was a Purdue student I studied in Grissom Hall, named after Gus Grissom who died in a NASA accident in 1967. Neil Armstrong is a very private person and...
  2. chestercopperpot

    Don’t Try To Tease Me

    Exactly, I couldn't have said it better. Chillax, people, it's not worth a coronary. Smoke a bowl.
  3. chestercopperpot

    Don’t Try To Tease Me

    Isn't your post title an example of this? Maybe I don't understand irony!
  4. chestercopperpot

    E-cigarettes banned in Boston

    E-cigs are the perfect example of their true intentions, it has nothing to do with public health. E-cig vapor is just that, water vapor, and it contains no carcinogens, nor will it transfer any nicotine to anyone else near a 'vaper'. So all this bullhockey about 'second hand smoke' doesn't...
  5. chestercopperpot

    TV Pipe Sighting - Pee Wee Herman's Playhouse

    It looks like the live Peewee shows, which were mostly adult orientated (which is what all of his shows were originally). The episodes that aired on Saturday mornings on TV were kids stuff.
  6. chestercopperpot

    How Old When You Smoked Your First Pipe?

    16 or so, my dad had found a leather pouch of pipe tobacco. He gave it to me and said 'Here's a leather pouch, just dump the tobacco out', so of course I didn't dump it! It was some kind of cherry blend. I was too young to buy a pipe (and lived in a tiny town so I don't think there were any...
  7. chestercopperpot

    A Missing Generation of Pipe Smokers?

    I think some of it has to do with what we would call in the US the 'baby boom' generation, those born between 1945 and 1960-ish. They tended to shun old fashioned things of their fathers' generation.
  8. chestercopperpot

    Health Problems from smoking?

    There are, of course, risks to pipe smoking, but not nearly as much as cigarettes. But it's my choice. Obesity is a much bigger concern in this country than tobacco. In fact, the two are probably correlated. Fewer thin smokers = more fat people!
  9. chestercopperpot

    Help me Plan an Itinerary for a Road Trip (Vancouver to San Diego)

    House of Calabash is in the Portland suburbs. Apparently one of the last old school Master Blenders left. I would imagine tobacco taxes are lower in Oregon compared to California, but I don't know.
  10. chestercopperpot

    Atlanta Rejoices Today!

    The blue laws in Indiana are more strict than Georgia, has nothing to do with the civil war though. Alcohol was illegal not that long ago.
  11. chestercopperpot


    There are dry snuffs and moist snuffs. I would imagine the moister snuffs wouldn't be as irritating to more sensitive noses.
  12. chestercopperpot


    I had some snuff when I was in the UK. It's not as bad as people think, just be sure you 'sniff' it stead of 'snort' it. Pinch a bit and sniff it like you're smelling a flower.
  13. chestercopperpot

    And now for something completely different

    My sister used to raise quail, and quail eggs are freakin' delicious!
  14. chestercopperpot

    Mr.Brog old army

    I've been wanting a capped pipe, since I can only smoke outside and I always lose my lids somehow. I'll definitely be giving that pipe a look.
  15. chestercopperpot

    7 Seas Red is Here

    At first I thought 'what ads is he talking about?', then I realized that I have adblock. I disabled it for this site, I might remind others to do the same if they're using adblock.
  16. chestercopperpot

    chestercopperpot u got mail!!

    Hmm, I never got any PM, you'll have to send it again. I did get the package yesterday but have yet to partake in any of it. Thank you very much! What is the flake, btw?
  17. chestercopperpot

    Earth quake

    When I was a kid we had an earthquake here in Indiana. Unfortunately my mom was driving me to a little league game when it happened so I didn't feel it. I got to the ball park and everyone was freaking out, I lost my chance at feeling an earthquake :evil:
  18. chestercopperpot

    It's discrimination, but it's okay because they use tobacco

    Drug testing for nicotine???? They'd do the same to fat people or people with illnesses but it's not politically correct at this time. But it's OK to s**t all over smokers. There needs to be some kind of federal law against something like this, discriminating against people based on a legal...
  19. chestercopperpot

    Odd Thoughts About Tobacco

    I'm just glad to be back in Indiana where the state gov isn't up your butt about everything. I lived the past few years in PA, I'm so glad to be out of there. We don't have inspections at all here that I know of, and plates are around $70. In PA I had a Jeep Cherokee I had to sell because I...
  20. chestercopperpot

    Ozark Hardwood Pipes From Missouri Meerschaum

    There's a tobacconist in my area that sells them for $30 a piece, calling them 'artisanal pipes'. They cater to cigar smokers like most do, hoping to sucker some poor uninformed person into buying one.