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  1. shawn

    My First Falcon Pipe

    Very nice. I would like to have one soon.
  2. shawn

    My Growing Collection

    Very Nice!
  3. shawn

    Boswell Experience-Very VERY Satisfied Customer

    Looking good Pipe N!
  4. shawn

    My New Ascorti Peppino for Less Than $65

    Business it tough all over. Good for you glad you could get some great stuff. That's a great looking pipe.
  5. shawn

    Custom Birdseye Maple Tamper Rack

    Wow pretty cool. If the fella has that many tampers how may pipes does he have? I have fourteen pipes and about five tamers.
  6. shawn

    Very Proud Dad {wipes tear from eye}

    That is wonderful Sir.
  7. shawn

    The Weight

    GWT, that is very nice of you. I'm set and do not need anything. You make me pround to be here Sir.
  8. shawn

    The Sleepy Poker

    My type of pipe. I wish you many years of enjoyment. Would like to hear your reflections after you have met her.
  9. shawn

    Weber Collector Unsmoked Pipes

    Nice. No judging by me to each their own. I would smoke-em Sir.
  10. shawn

    Maigur Knets: Carver, Artist or Both ?

    Both, I love the turtle he has on Love it
  11. shawn


    115 hours, 56 minutes since Jan 2012
  12. shawn

    R13 - Freehand Plateau Briar

  13. shawn

    Nate King Rouge et Noir

    Ahhh... peace of mind, a place of your own.
  14. shawn

    Two New BST aka Sasquatch Pipes.

    CigM., Sir you have a good eye. Both are great.
  15. shawn

    Nate King Rouge et Noir

    Do you live in a log cabin?
  16. shawn

    Nate King Rouge et Noir

    Big van, I like your style Sir. That is a piece of art. Enjoy!
  17. shawn

    PAD and More

    That is cool. Sounds like a great time.
  18. shawn

    My PAD and photos

    Sea, I have been at this hoppy since 2009 and have ten less pipes than you. So one could say you are off to a fine start. Is that a bulldog you sanded down? That one caught my eye for sure. Nice collection.
  19. shawn

    My First Attempt

    Great job Red!