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  1. tschiraldi

    What is a Cool, Mild, Medium-Sweet, everyday Smoke?

    Cool, mild, slightly sweet? PS Luxury Twist Flake fits the bill, and it smells good, too! Not really an Aromatic, but a great all day smoke!
  2. tschiraldi

    Thoughts On Musical Heroes, The Music Of Our Youth, etc.

    Maybe I'm the outlier here, but while I still love the music of my youth, I am always searching for new music and regularly find new artists that excite me. For instance, in my teens, it was all about 70's and 80's hard Rock bands like Ozzy, Zeppelin, The Scorpions, Motley Crue, etc. Today, I...
  3. tschiraldi

    Favorite Historical Fiction?

    You can't go wrong with Ken Follet. Start with Fall of Giants. 1. A Place Called Armageddon by C.C. Humphries 2. The William Marshall series by Elizabeth Chadwick 3. House of Bathory by Linda Lafferty 4. The Bruce trilogy by N. Gemini Sasson 5. The Ill Made Knight by Christian Cameron 6...
  4. tschiraldi

    What Do You Do After Major Upgrades?

    Clean the other two very well, then use them to try out new blends, especially ones that might ghost. That way you're not risking your "good" pipes. I keep a couple around just for that reason. Buy one more pipe from the maker of your new favorite and see if it compares favorably before going on...
  5. tschiraldi

    What Music Are You Listening To? - January 2023

    I've always been a fan of real Country music. Mostly the old stuff, because most of the new is more Pop, and even Hip-Hop, than Country. However... over the past year, I have discovered several artists I guess you could call underground due to the fact that you don't really here their stuff on...
  6. tschiraldi

    What is your "Grail" pipe??

    An unsmoked Sasieni One Dot Specially Selected Billiard! Pipe perfection!
  7. tschiraldi

    GH Drop - What'd You Order?

    I got 4 tins of Ennerdale and 8 oz of Coniston Cut Plug to try. So far, my only Lakeland has been Broken Flake #7 which I fell in love with last year. Can't wait to try these!
  8. tschiraldi

    Hi from Ohio

    Welcome from Fredericktown Ohio!
  9. tschiraldi

    Briar or Brand?

    Some brands always use the best briar. Therefore, yes, and...
  10. tschiraldi

    Only have 6 Tobaccos a.t.m.

    For the last couple years, I have really only smoked a few blends. I have 2 staples, PS Luxury Twist Flake and F&T Cut Blended Plug. I will change up every now and again for variety. G&H Broken Flake #7, F&T Vintage, C&D Crooner fit the bill. I rarely smoke anything else.
  11. tschiraldi

    Fribourg & Treyer Cut Blended Plug

    One of my two staples. I rarely need anything else.
  12. tschiraldi

    What Pipe would You Like to have Back? Why?

    A Sasieni Specially Selected One Dot billiard in excellent shape. Why? Because it was the best looking pipe I've ever owned. Because it was the best smoking pipe I've ever owned. Because it was a piece of history I'll never get back. Personally selected for the stamp by founder Joel Sasieni. I...
  13. tschiraldi

    Charatan or Dunhill?

    Family era Sasieni over all of them. Great wood, excellent stems, the best buttons, and incomparable shaping. I've never owned a Barling, but I dont really like their shaping. I've heard they smoke well, though.
  14. tschiraldi

    What are you Drinking? October 2021

    I just finished brewing up some homemade Creme Di Limoncello for tomorrow night's bonfire. Actually, I made lemon, orange, and blueberry.
  15. tschiraldi

    When is a estate worth it?

    That really depends! I would pay 10 times as much for an estate family era Sasieni, or a pre-transition Comoys or Barlings than a new one!
  16. tschiraldi

    What's Your Profession?

    4 years acti e duty US Army Infantry, presidential escort. Was in Panama for the whole Noriega thing. Did some factory work years ago (welding). Did another number of years in the National Guard (Infantry). Deployed after 911. 23 years as a Correction Officer in a few state prisons (Ohio and...
  17. tschiraldi

    Peter Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake

    LTF is one of my staples. An every day smoke for me. Enjoying a bowl as I type this.
  18. tschiraldi

    Something For Me to Think About

    I went through that phase as well. Only smoke 3 blends regularly now, with 2 change ups when I feel like something different.
  19. tschiraldi

    What's the worst blend you've tried?

    The taste, lol! Putrid!