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  1. J

    Do You Smoke Clay Pipes?

    Have no experience, except with Lepeltier Clay's. Had at least one, back when, but it/they somehow lost themselves during one of my house moves. Recently inspired to buy a new one and am VERY pleased with it. Has most of the best smoking qualities of a meerschaum, with few of the finicky...
  2. J

    First Impression: Mac Baren HH Burley Flake

    Not shilling but 4 Noggins is currently having a MacBaren sale
  3. J

    Savinelli Pouch

    I'm a fan of box-style pouches, but have trouble finding them at a reasonable price. Anyone have a link to a reasonably sized and priced box pouch in leather? Thanks!!
  4. J

    LePeltier Pipes

    Cortez, thanks for the link. The Zenith Pipes are quite attractive, but the prices are quite steep compared to the Lepeletier offerings, which start at a fairly modest $ 55. I decided to buy one and will find out if it's as good as I remember. Again, thanks for the input!
  5. J

    LePeltier Pipes

    64alex: thanks. Tulsagentleman: you're welcome. Keep the comments coming- they're much appreciated
  6. J

    LePeltier Pipes

    I used to own a Lepeltier simple billiard but after two house moves,managed to misplace it. My recollection is that it smoked well, was easy to clean and maintain. Before deciding to replace the errant pipe, am soliciting thoughts, pro and con, from others with more recent smoking experience...
  7. J

    Old Boy, Kiribi or Peterson? Seeking Recommendation

    My Old Boy is pre-Japanese manufacture. I had misplaced it for several years, tried lighting it and voila, perfect light immediately. None of my other lighters would perform as well. There, now I jinxed myself! One of my smarter purchases over the 15 or so years of intermittent pipe smoking!
  8. J

    Holy Spirits Hospital ?

    the fact is this is not a new "policy"; it's been around long enough to have been legally challenged and it hasn't least successfully to my knowledge. especially if it's a pre-condition of employment, their grounds are even more solid. applying it ex post facto to current employees...
  9. J

    Sanibel- Fort Myers Beach Florida-- Pipe Shops?

    There is a super nice CIGAR shop, Bonita Smoke Shop, located right on Bonita Beach Rd., just off Rt 41 in Bonita Springs. Can't remember well its stock of pipes and tobacco, but you can check them out on their nice website. It ain't close to Sanibel but neither is it a 2-hour drive! I shy away...
  10. J

    Visiting the UK- how to buy some Condor?

    two important caveats to the info I just posted, to be entirely fair: first the duty free shop price should exclude the VAT you'd pay in a UK retail outlet. second the duty free price will likewise exclude the horrendous punitive tobacco taxes charged in the UK retail environment. thus as...
  11. J

    Visiting the UK- how to buy some Condor?

    there is both a limit on the amount of tobacco they can bring in (absolute) and the monetary value of all the purchases they are declaring ( flexible, in that you can bring in above the personal limit but are liable for duty above that limit). you can claim the personal exemption once every 30...
  12. J

    Thunderbird Zippo pipe insert annoyance - any member use it without problem?

    I've tried the Vector/Thunderbird insert as well as the Zippo Blu butane lighter and IMO neither is as good/reliable as the Zippo with liquid-fuelled pipe lighter insert The Zippo Blu wasn't all that much superior to the Thunderbird and the lid broke in less than 3 months. Zippo repaired (not...
  13. J

    Pipe Tobacco Sugar Content and Diabetes

    I can't see any negative short-term impact of pipe smoking on blood sugar levels..... insulin-dependent diabetic who tests at least 4-5 times a day. Likewise on blood pressure.... if nicotine is indeed a vasoconstrictor it hasn't seemed to raise my BP. If anything, my BP has improved as my...
  14. J

    Tobacco Suggestions?

    +1 on Pipe Works and Wilke. Carole offers a sampler pack at a reasonable, if not cheap, price. Her offerings run the gamut from very tasty quality aromatics, through mild English, to latakia blends "not for the timid!" Of course, all the other recommendations above will work too.... just...
  15. J

    New to pipes

    Welcome! I've enjoyed many "cheap" cigars and less expensive pipe tobaccos.... they have so few pretensions to live up to! Good Luck and enjoy your journey!
  16. J

    A Happy Presidents' Day To All

    "Divine Orchestration...." I kind of like that! Nice thread!
  17. J

    Corona Old Boy

    I recently re-discovered an OB, misplaced for 2 years after moving. It lit on the first strike, on a fuel supply apparently undiminished after that layover. Says a lot about the integrity of the construction and fuel tank seal. I have gone through any number of butane lighters at various price...
  18. J

    To Mirissa

    She wanted no more than for you to comfort her as she left this life and passed to the next, where she will be waiting to love you once more, this time forever. You gave her that. Of course she is in heaven. There is no other place fitting for the eternal mutual love between animals and their...
  19. J

    Cherry Tobaccos!

    PW&W Cherry Cavendish and Top Black Cherry both satisfy my cherry sweet tooth!
  20. J

    SWR Aromatic, I dig It!

    Glad you found a new blend you like. Even better you brought something good to another human, someone who probably won't be able to get on line to share that news with all his friends and thank you for your kindness! I will celebrate for him and say "thanks a lot!"