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  1. daveinlax

    Paul's Pipe Shop in the News

    Thanks for the link! Very Good News
  2. daveinlax

    Big Home-Brewed Billiard

    Looks Good! I really like large billiards.
  3. daveinlax

    Post-2015 Samuel Gawith, Bob Gregory’s Story

    A very interesting and enlightening read! Thanks
  4. daveinlax

    Movies with Pipe Smoking Scenes

    In theaters, The Holdovers. The Lead character Paul Giamatti smokes a large billiard/apple with gusto throughout the movie. I couldn't ID the pipe but it was uncharacteristically large and blonde with sort of a Peterson looking taper stem.
  5. daveinlax

    Captain Black equivalent of RLP-6

    No. Royal is 1Q
  6. daveinlax

    Captain Black equivalent of RLP-6

    They started the same thing. The difference come from the way they’re stored. A sealed pouch or a 5lb pillow stored in a B&M’s cupboard and usually served out of a jar.
  7. daveinlax

    What's Your Favorite After-Shave or Cologne?

    I’ll occasionally put a half spritz of Truefitt&Hill Trafalger on.
  8. daveinlax

    Show off Your Smoking Rooms!

    My smoking area is just a couple of side tables and a chair in our living room.
  9. daveinlax

    Marxman 400 154 D

    Could it have been Rev Rolf table 90???He was there with his wife, close to the lounge and that would be something I can see him selling.
  10. daveinlax

    Why is There no Bad Gasoline Today?

    LoL! I’ve delt with outboard motors and their tanks my whole life. I’ve never strained gas but I’ve let the junk and water settle and syphoned off the clean gas on the top dozens of times. I spend the extra buck a gal for the ethanol free premium gas for the boats. Ethanol attracts water.
  11. daveinlax

    Why is There no Bad Gasoline Today?

    You’re talking about the reformulated gas sold in the 6 county MKE metro. Regular gas in the rest of Wisconsin has ethanol added.
  12. daveinlax

    Is waxing meerschaum to help pull out color a old codgers tale?
  13. daveinlax

    Is waxing meerschaum to help pull out color a old codgers tale?

    I had the scientist from the PipeDen explain it simply as the wax changes the way light refracts on the pipe. It was on a Zoom group and he did an interesting demonstration.
  14. daveinlax

    My Grandfather’s Old Ashtray

    You might want to downsize with just the top of the knocker or the top of a champagne cork. I use double sided stickies to hold them down.
  15. daveinlax

    My Grandfather’s Old Ashtray

    Definitely a great piece of your history. I’d probably add a small cork knocker. My Gpa was born in 1907 and I’m 60 so you must be well into your great gpa years.
  16. daveinlax

    Anyone Here Like the Ashton Cabinet Cigar?

    They are a favorite cigar of mine. Smooth, Creamy and Mild! I want to enjoy a cigar down to a tidy nub, stand up, go on with my day and not feel a thing.
  17. daveinlax

    Walt From SW Arizona

    Hello from Green Valley Arizona. I think most of the vintage cutter top cigarettes I’ve seen were Virginia’s. I’d try some various Turkish RYO mixtures, American Spirit cigarettes or just get used to the Camel’s 🐪 on the market today. Seriously there’s no going back.
  18. daveinlax

    $1.4 Million Bottle of Scotch

    Yet here in the USA the peasants continue to support the current system that keeps the 1/10 of the 1% accumulating wealth generation after generation. That bottle will probably sit in a warehouse tax free until it goes up for auction again.
  19. daveinlax

    Formula 1 (2023)

    I saw that too but all gods children had to know every bridge would have signage covering every surface like every other race. Hoping to ink a deal for a LVIPS sector for next year.
  20. daveinlax

    Formula 1 (2023)

    I love Vegas and I was constanly refreshing my browser all week waiting for a $200 ticket. The lowest I saw was six something on Thursday and they climbed back to eight something after that. I had a couch in a condo with a fan zone view and credentials to enter the island but my buddy reported...