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  1. edger

    Great Photos Thread

    Who needs presents with a stocking stuffed with those goodies.
  2. edger

    Anal Fissure

    Sounds like he was anal fishing.
  3. edger

    Cleaned the Shank for the First Time in a While...

    This is why I prefer Falcon meerschaum bowls. No cleaning issues at all. For my briars I use the warm water flush and a good scrubbing with a nylon bristle pipette brush. Not a good method for meerschaum pipes however. My two all meer pipes I just use pipe cleaners and hope for the best.
  4. edger

    Falcon Bowl woes

    I’ve been smoking Falcons for fifty years and I love them. In the past, the gaskets were flat and harder, and were tight to the briar. I never had a problem with these. In recent times the gaskets are floppy and somewhat loose. The first time I attempted to screw on the new bowl, I had the...
  5. edger

    Show off you Blakemars

    I love Mike’s pipes! My two so far: an Aristocrat Sir Douglas and a Litchbruyere bullcap.
  6. edger

    Exploring the Evolution of Pipe Shapes

    Bullcaps, squat Rhodesians, small apples. All straight. I like pipes from the first half of the twentieth century, with smallish chambers.
  7. edger

    Wanting a Small Chambered Pipe: Recommendations?

    Peterson Junior Series: squat Rhodesian!
  8. edger

    Wanting a Small Chambered Pipe: Recommendations?

    MM Huck Finn and Rattray Blowers Daughter.
  9. edger

    Coffee Grinder

    I use a Hario MMCS-2B manual burr grinder. Inexpensive and does a good job if you don’t mind the arm workout!
  10. edger

    Ideal tamper design?

    You can take a 3” copper roofing nail, heat it and hammer the pointed end flat for a small scoop.
  11. edger

    Ideal tamper design?

    I like the Rodgers tools except for the tiny tamper, and I smoke pipes with small chambers.
  12. edger

    What Music are You Listening To? August, '23

    Various Pete Escovedo. Latin Jazz. Also,interestingly, the father of Sheila E.
  13. edger

    Where To Start: Classic (Codger) Blends

    C&D Three Friars bulk. My codger blend.
  14. edger


    Minnesota Wild Rice is actually grass!
  15. edger

    What Music are You Listening To? August, '23

    Today I’m listening to Bach. I just bought a Sonos Ray for my tv and it provides great sound. I’m certainly no audiophile, but the bass is clean and tight(no woofiness) and the highs are crisp and clean. Better than my old Bose. I listen to classical and jazz generally so I don’t need big sound.
  16. edger

    ***What Are You Smoking, August 2023?***

    My first bowl in this meer previously owned by the sorely missed Weezell. This pipe was sent to me by two of his mates when I asked for a pipe to remember him by. Lovely and generous gesture! Smoking some very old Condor flake ( the Gallagher stuff). RIP “the weez “. Thanks again, guys.
  17. edger

    What are You Reading Now?

    I am enjoying Jordan Peterson’s Biblical Series. One of the panel members was Gregg Hurwitz, a very interesting intellect, and also a novelist. If any of you have read him I’d appreciate any suggestions as to which novels I should start with. Thanks!
  18. edger

    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2023?***

    Somehow my wife and I made it through 2019-2020 without getting Covid, but shortly after the Fourth of July it nailed us. I’ve refrained from smoking but I need a bowl! My smallest chambered pipe is a Brulor Mowbray from the ‘50’s so I’m stuffing it with Derringer. I’ll post more when I’m back...