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    The Five Families

    I have a Savinelli Punto Oro 404 that was my second ever pipe purchase, and it remains among my favorites. I also have a Molina bent billiard that smokes great and is really comfortable for its size. We don't hear much about Molinas, but they're made at the old Rossi factory and are another...
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    1792, WHG, What's Next?

    GH Rum Flake and Peterson 3 P's plug might be worth a try. Also Rattray's Stirling flake.
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    Preferred Whiskey/Whisky Proof?

    For bourbon and other American whiskey, I gravitate towards bottled in bond presentations, so I guess I like it at 100 proof. For Scotch and Irish, no particular preference.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2023?***

    I'm finishing up a bowl of GH Rum Flake in my wee Medico dublin. The bottom of the bowl is extra yummy.
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    What's a "Man's Drink"?

    Every once in awhile I'll order a Lemon Drop, which I've been told is not a man's drink. I dunno; if I'm three deep in Lemon Drops I'm usually feeling as manly as I need to feel. The wife doesn't complain.
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    Do You Ash?

    Yeah, me too. I'm an ash man. If the ash looks like it needs a gentle poke and dump, I'm happy to oblige. Then a little tamp and relight and we're good to go.
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    In Search Of The Burley Unicorn

    I would recommend GH Rum Flake. I know, it's not got a lot of burley in it, but to me it has a flavor profile similar to old codger burley blends, only stronger. Some say they taste Lakeland or dark fired in it; I don't. It's just smooth and sweet and 'dark' tasting. And readily available.
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    GH Rum Flake

    I just opened a tin of Rum Flake that I bought at the beginning of 2022. Of the four GH tins from the order, only one had lost the vacuum seal, so I opened it. Turned out to be in perfect condition for smoking now, still just a tad moist and pliable. As for the taste, I would agree with...
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    Recommendations for Moving Away from Aromatics.

    Have you tried any of the Gawith Hoggarth tobaccos? To me they generally have a depth and concentration of basic tobacco flavor that surpass many others. They use Malawi in many blends, and dark fired tobaccos, too. Their aromatics are highly aromatic, so if it's a lack of flavor in general...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, September, 2023?***

    Granger in this Medico mail offer egg.
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    More Frustration W/SG Flakes

    I like Drexel VIII. I'm no expert, but anytime I've had tobacco go dry on me I put it in a Mason jar with a well soaked clay filled rehydration button for a week or so and it seems to do the trick.
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    What Retired Blends Would you Bring Back?

    I am also a relative noob, but from things I've tried or heard about endlessly from others that I trust, I would say: Sugar Barrel (tried - YUM!) Kentucky Club Aromatic (the match is delicious) Edgeworth Slices (heard about ad nauseum)
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    Flake Cut Troubleshooting

    The same thing happens to me when I smoke thick Gawith flakes that I fold and stuff. They smell so good to me out of the jar that they don't get enough drying time - I just can't wait sometimes. They tend to burn in a cone in the middle leaving the outsides unburned, so I have to fiddle with...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, September, 2023?***

    Brown Flake Aro in this Berwyck dublin. This is one of my favorite tobaccos.
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    How Do You Take Your Coffee?

    Drip or French press brewed with half & half. Moka pot brewed with hot water and half & half, or occasionally with simple syrup and milk over ice. Mmmm, coffee.
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    Favorite Blends Flavored with Whisky

    Missouri Meerschaum American Patriot is a nice American English with a light bourbon note. Very pleasant.
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    Cobs By Other Brands?

    I own one little Buescher that has a screw-in bone stem. It's unsmoked and probably will stay that way for a long time, because I understand it's either natural cob or plaster at the bottom. The joint seems pretty fragile. I have other MM cobs to smoke. I just bought it mostly as a curiosity...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2023?***

    John Bull Royal English in this wonderful Medico mail order egg. With a Rob Roy on the porch.
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    Favorite “Plain” Tobacco

    GH Brown Twist is a very straightforward tobacco that I find very satisfying. I believe it's all Virginia but with some of it being dark fired. It's really delicious
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    Savinelli Gold vs Punto Oro

    Thanks! I was wondering who Mister G was! I bought mine back in the late '80s at a mall Tinder Box store, it was my second pipe purchase. So glad I never lost it when I was not smoking my pipes for about 30 years!!