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  1. unkleyoda

    Best Bulk Englishes

    I've been loving G&H no. 12 lately.
  2. unkleyoda

    Latakia Paradox?

    I love Latakia. Sometimes I want mixes with a lot, other times just a little. But I almost smoke Englishes exclusively. I would say 85% English, 10% VaPer or Va, 5% other.
  3. unkleyoda

    Water Flush Cleaning Technique

    I started around the same time as you. It's my go to now. I don't smoke nearly as much as you, but every time I smoke a pipe I do this.
  4. unkleyoda

    US Postal Service Is Horrible

    Yeah, that sucks. I'm glad you've never made a mistake during your daily job that inconvenienced someone else. Maybe you should ask to speak to the manager, Karen.
  5. unkleyoda

    Wow, Missouri Meerschaum Is Closed!

    I don't know what the laws are in Missouri, but in Wisconsin, this is the law. The company I work for is considered essential, so we are doing business. However, if we have someone in the building, that comes down with COVID-19, within 14 days of being in our building, Health and Human Services...
  6. unkleyoda

    Stocking Up On Favorite Scotch & Irish Whiskey?

    I always keep plenty of Powers Irish Whiskey on hand. I love that stuff. And, yes, Paddy, not Patty. The Irish name is Pádraig.
  7. unkleyoda

    Confused About Zippos

    It's common belief that you can see the Great Wall of China from outer space too. Don't believe everything you hear.
  8. unkleyoda

    Thinnest Pipe Cleaners?

    The Dill's (Dr. Grabow) cleaners are thin.
  9. unkleyoda

    Unpopular Opinion: I Don’t Like Cobs

    They are not at the top of my list, that's for sure. I have a couple I enjoy, from time to time, but my mainstay is briar.
  10. unkleyoda

    K&P & Peterson: Whats the Difference?

    The original name of the company was Kapp Brothers. When Peterson joined. It became Kapp & Peterson, K&P for short. Peterson eventually bought the Kapp brothers out. It stlll used the K&P name. Present day, under the Luadisi (sp) Group, it's officially Peterson. They will still use the K&P...
  11. unkleyoda

    The Problem of Too Much Selection

    Good question. For me it was when I started trying to fine things that tasted like something I had already smoked. Early on, I found that Latakia was my thing. I started chasing a flavor profile. I settled into the flavors I like best.
  12. unkleyoda

    Rain Spots on Stem

    When you say 'thumb' do you literally mean your thumb with no cloth?
  13. unkleyoda

    Why No Swirl Love?

    I noticed that too. I started watching his videos a few years ago. A few videos deep I started to notice he was full of $hit, with a few things. Well, I watched some of his newer stuff and he's selling 'get rich quick' empowerment schemes. I noticed in his early pipe videos, he said he always...
  14. unkleyoda

    Car Inspection Nightmare

    Good god, I'm glad they don't do that here.
  15. unkleyoda

    I Tried Latakia For The First Time Today

    I couldn't disagree more. Pure Latakia has a lot of flavor. Latakia is 'Orientals' that are smoked with aromatic woods, herbs, and spices. To me Latakia tastes like smokey orientals. Smokey, spicy, and tangy. So much that most people assume Peterson Balkan Delight, now Balkan Blend, has...
  16. unkleyoda

    I Tried Latakia For The First Time Today

    Welcome to the world of pipe smoking. I never cared for aromatics, or burleys. I'm starting to enjoy Virginias and VaPers, But I knew I was in love when I tried Latakia mixes.
  17. unkleyoda

    Evacuated - Sonoma County Fires (Rescued My Pipes)

    Wow! So sorry to hear. I was just reading an article, I think about those fires, they were started by a guy purposely throw lit pieces of paper out this car window, as he drove.
  18. unkleyoda

    Wow, It's Expensive

    Have aunt Betty, in a different state, buy the tobacco online, use her credit card, have it shipped to her house, she re-ships to you. You pay her, cash, check, paypal, plus some extra for the effort. Bam! They are non the wiser.
  19. unkleyoda

    Wow, It's Expensive

    I think you are placing way too much faith that Barney Fife is going to figure out that you had someone ship you tobacco, or that you drove to a neighboring state to pick it up from a friend. Michigan has no customs you have to clear it with. Hell, Lee Von Erck, the pipe maker, lives in northern...
  20. unkleyoda

    Suspicious of Retrohaling...

    For me, I get the best flavor when I retrohale. I do it on nearly every puff.