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  1. frtimmyd

    Favorite Bourbon Whiskey?

    Since the day I first tried it, I'm a Buffalo Trace man all the way.
  2. frtimmyd

    Clergy Pipe Smokers.

    Guess I should wave my hand in the air for this one. I'm an Anglican priest and have been a pipe smoker for about 5 years. My Briar Mentor is also a pipe smoker and I've been very grateful for his advice over the years (his best advice, "Don't be afraid of Latakia. It's kindof like Greek...
  3. frtimmyd

    What are You Reading?

    Just finished my semi-annual reading of The Lord of the Rings. Currently reading The Quest for Community by Robert Nisbet and Democracy in America by Tocqueville
  4. frtimmyd

    What do you think Santa smokes ?

    I know exactly what he smokes. Three years ago he gave me an Aldo Valeni (said it was his favorite pipe) and two oz. of his "everyday" blend. It was a mixture of burleys with a little deertongue for flavoring. Must say, he has good taste.
  5. frtimmyd

    A Close Friend Taught at the Newton School

    Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.
  6. frtimmyd

    What's your top 5 tobaccos right now?

    My top 5 (at the present) 1. Esoterica Margate 2. Paul's Stuff (local B&M English) 3. 7 Seas Royal 4. Brigadier Black Alamo 5. Peterson Nutty Cut
  7. frtimmyd

    Anybody Try Any Of The Brigadier Black P&C Exclusive Tobacco

    I picked up a tin of the Alamo the other day. Very nice. The tin note reminded me a lot of raisins. However, the taste and room note are very similar to 7 Seas Royal to me. It's definitely one that I will keep around.
  8. frtimmyd

    My Loss

    May God grant you courage and strength to face the coming days. May He grant your sister a peaceful end. You will be in my prayers today.
  9. frtimmyd

    Not Cancer

    So happy to hear everything worked out well. Thanks be to God.
  10. frtimmyd

    Just Had A Biopsy

    Shawn, Been out of commission for a couple of days and so I'm just getting caught up with this post. Perhaps the worst part of any medical issue is the "not knowing". It is my firm belief that God has already heard the prayers of you, your family, and this community and that He is already in...
  11. frtimmyd

    Esoterica Margate

  12. frtimmyd

    Esoterica Margate

    cortezattic and pitchfork....My Lord, you're right! How could I have missed it??? It has a definite aroma of one of the incenses I've used for Mass. Now I'll have to burn a couple of Censers to figure out which one. LOL :rofl:
  13. frtimmyd

    Esoterica Margate

    Well, colour(yes I know how I spelled it but as an Anglican Priest I'm required to use British spellings as often as possible) me shocked! When I first began smoking a pipe you would never have convinced me that I would enjoy English blends. "Too heavy", I thought. "It smells weird, it...
  14. frtimmyd

    Just ordered the Red Book of Westmarch

    I'm right behind you on wanting one of those "keepsake" editions. I've always dreamed of handing down my beloved copies of the Third Age of Middle-Earth to my children. Unfortunately the paperbacks I bought back in the day are now almost shredded to pieces. BTW have you read "Athrabeth...
  15. frtimmyd

    Peterson versus everyone else

    I've got two ARAN's, a Kapet, and a Kilarney and they are probably the pipes I reach for the most. The beauty of those pipes always gets comments and they smoke as well or better than any of my other pipes. Gotta love the Pete's!
  16. frtimmyd

    She Says She Wants That "Good Smelling" Tobacco Help...

    I will always give a "shout out" for 7 Seas Royal. No matter where I smoke it, I always get compliments on the way it smells.
  17. frtimmyd

    Looking for a B&M Near Madison

    Thanks, simnettpratt. Yeah, I found the same thing.
  18. frtimmyd

    Looking for a B&M Near Madison

    I'll be heading up to Madison, WI in a couple of weeks to do my niece's wedding. Thought I might pop in to the local B&M (if there is one)and pick up a special pipe for the occasion. Anyone know of one between Janesville and Madison?
  19. frtimmyd

    New acquisition - Peterson "Silver Cap #264"

    That is a thing of beauty. Both solid and elegant.
  20. frtimmyd

    One Of My Greatest Fears!

    TopD, I'll admit that I've thought about it. Probably goes back to the fact that my grandfather was a pipe smoker. I was only about 11 when he died and I had (obviously) no idea that I would one day grow up and love pipes myself. If I did I would have begged someone to hold on to his pipes for...