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  1. tobakenist

    Hello from Greece

    Hi and welcome from Central England. puffy
  2. tobakenist

    Is This A P-lip?

    The photos look wrong for a P-Lip, it is probably chewed or just worn, what pipe is it from, is it a Peterson, because there was many pipe makers that copied them and put the hole in a different place.
  3. tobakenist

    Taste and Flavor for over 60s

    Started in 65, no change, just keep changing your tobacco's and you will be fine.
  4. tobakenist

    The Five Families

    What no Lorenzo's :oops: I love Lorenzo Freehands, great smokers and inexpensive, they were all a rave in the eighties, well known for the fills but still great smokers, you never saw fills on they're rusticated or sandblasted, your all missing out, if you love a great smoker, pick one up cheap.
  5. tobakenist

    Hello from Oregon!

    Hi and welcome from Central England. puffy
  6. tobakenist

    The Prettiest Pipe I Own

    A thing of beauty, enjoy as I know you will.
  7. tobakenist

    Ruminations Regarding the Proper Cake

    I have a old Peterson pamphlet that says to build the cake to the thickness of a Farthing (I'm UK), I have never done this either, always scrape out my ash and the sides, I don't think I have .5mm of cake in any of my pipes, I don't see how a really thick cake gives you a better or dryer smoke...
  8. tobakenist

    What Was your First Pipe?

    Will have pic's when the rest of my pipes are unpacked, I have been slowly moving in with my Fiancée and only my daily smokers have been unpacked, I have over 300 pipes to unpack and I am building display shelving for all of them, a long job at my age.
  9. tobakenist

    Favorite Peterson Pipe Finish

    I have them all and love them all, for Christmas my Partner has bought me a whole set of Sherlock range all set in a Peterson Sherlock Rack, all of them smooth, when she told me what she had found she said all are unsmoked and bought as a set in 1971, I asked "have you got that date right" she...
  10. tobakenist

    What Was your First Pipe?

    A little Billiard that my older brother stole from a shop in 1965, he stole 2 identical basket pipes, we loaded the up with the remaining tobacco from butts, it was heaven when we found cigar butts, this was when I was 10 years old, when I got my first Newspaper round I used to get my eldest...
  11. tobakenist

    Hello from the United Kingdom

    Hi and welcome from Northamptonshire England. puffy
  12. tobakenist

    Peterson 999

    The weight, the vintage pipe is remarkably lighter although it is almost the same size and shape, it has no model number or name on it and only lightly smoked and not reamed, it was part of my Grandfathers collection so it is most likely London made, he only smoked London made Petersons and they...
  13. tobakenist

    When to Throw a Pipe Out

    I have been collecting pipes since the late 60's, my main collection are Peterson's, so would I throw out a Peterson ? I do quite regularly, a few weeks ago I picked up 6 Petersons that were crap, cracks in bowls, bashed to pieces, why did I buy them ? they were cheap and in the worst condition...
  14. tobakenist

    Ruminations Regarding Rapid Reloading

    I like to leave a couple of hours between reloading and after a quick clean, I have always thought that a pipe needs a rest, I was brought up in the times when most pipe smokers only had 1 or 2 pipes and and didn't sit down and clean them until the end of the day. I remember when Falcons became...
  15. tobakenist

    Peterson 999

    I have a 999 Peterson shape pipe, made in the 1920's and still going strong, it is so light, I don't clench but it is so comfy between my teeth, even with a P-Lip, my partner found it in my collection and fell in love with it, had to search for a modern 999 for her, it's great and she loves it...
  16. tobakenist

    Tobacco Question

    Send them to me and I will test them for you, if ok you will never see them again. :)
  17. tobakenist

    Hello from Southwest Germany

    Hi and welcome John from central England. puffy
  18. tobakenist

    All Day Tobacco

    Most of my all day tobacco's are English blends, currently Samuel Gawith's Perfection is my favourite, love the stuff.
  19. tobakenist

    Hello from Denmark!

    Hi and welcome from Central England, the Peterson Barrel is my favourite small pipe, I have three in my collection, just put one down a few minutes ago. I was much younger than you when I started over 50 years ago. puffy
  20. tobakenist

    Czech guy in Shanghai

    Hi Mirorslav from central England, your never lonely with your pipe and certainty not lonely on here, welcome. puffy