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  1. escioe

    Score? Gallaher's Rich Dark Honeydew Flake

    I've rehydrated and smoked some ~1990 Rich Dark Honeydew, but mine was the shag cut. It's pretty unique and well worth trying out.
  2. escioe

    Which GL Pease blend should be my first?

    Lots of folks tend toward the bigger blends, especially Abingdon, Westminster, Gaslight, and Quiet Nights. All great choices. For me, I love the lighter fare: Chelsea Morning, Kensington, and Ashbury especially. If you don't need to be blasted by latakia, I think those three are good choices...
  3. escioe

    Tinsky on Haddo's

    I smoked a seven year old tin of it last year, and enjoyed it. Way out of my wheelhouse, but good enough to get me looking for older tins.
  4. escioe

    October Tobacco Crawl with Greg L. Pease

    Haven't had any latakia to speak of in months, and this thread has me thinking it's time to break out some Quiet Nights. I've got a bunch jarred up. Two winters ago I smoked through 4 oz of 7-8 year old Blackpoint, and those smokes have become sort of a peak experience for bigger latakia blends...
  5. escioe

    October Tobacco Crawl with Greg L. Pease

    I may sit in on half of this, as I've got tins of Jackknife and Quiet Nights on hand. Sextant doesn't grab me, but I haven't had Sixpence at all, and I'm looking forward to reading about all of your experiences with it.
  6. escioe

    Forget Penzance...

    I'm not much for big latakia blends anymore, but when Gaslight first came out, I was all over it. I liked it better than Quiet Nights for reasons I can't really articulate. Your post reminds me that I'm looking forward to Gaslight at a few years of age, even if blends in that genre aren't really...
  7. escioe

    What Are Your Fall Blends?

    I used to smoke much more seasonally, turning to latakia blends in the cooler temps. Now I just find it's a slightly different way to enjoy Virginias, although I do have a few lighter latakia mixes on deck.
  8. escioe

    New GL Pease tobacco forthcoming: Virginia Cream Announced yesterday: Sounds like an aromatic to me. Never thought I'd see the day.
  9. escioe

    Sloppy blending or sign of quality Mr Pease?

    I tend to rub out ribbons anyway to get a more even texture, because I think the burn rate is better that way. It's mildly annoying but anything for a good smoke.
  10. escioe

    Bohemian Scandal, my first encounter

    I've smoked probably half a pound of the Scandal over the last ten years. It's really good stuff. I do feel like it's not necessarily getting any better, though, and there are in-production blends I would reach for before I reached for it. But it is a special smoke. There's nothing quite like it.
  11. escioe

    Favorite Fall smokes w/o Latakia?

    I used to love Pease's Embarcadero in the fall. Now it's more Full Virginia Flake and Red Flake / Red Ribbon.
  12. escioe

    "Tang" vs "sour" notes

    Smoke red Virginias to find tang. Think 5100, most vintages of Christmas Cheer, Red Flake / Red Ribbon, etc. Smoke orientals, especially Izmur, to find sour. Think McClelland No 24 and especially Pease's Embarcadero.
  13. escioe

    Best tangy virginia + flavourful oriental?

    I've smoked Cairo, Embarcadero, VA No 24, and all are fine. My secret favorite in this genre is McClelland's Boston 1776. There's just a breath of Oriental leaf in there, but it's enough for me. Great blend that doesn't get a lot of attention.
  14. escioe

    Most tangy straight virginia?

    Most of the Christmas Cheer vintages I've had have been pretty tangy. Also McCranie's Red Flake and Red Ribbon, which I think are tinned by McClelland, or processed by them.
  15. escioe

    I LOVE Stonehaven. What Else Might I Like?

    I thought Briar Fox and Triple Play each had quality evident, but for me, both failed on tastes. I haven't had much like Stonehaven. I'm glad that I like it rather than love it, because it's pretty unique.
  16. escioe

    Eureka, Montana.

    The Bell was open a few hours ago when I stopped in for pipe cleaners and a cigar. The lady staff who is always there on weekdays is super nice, but not all that knowledgable about pipe stuff. You'll find tins of a few McClelland blends, mostly the Frog Morton blends, Stave-Aged Virginia...
  17. escioe

    Is Virginia (Straight-Up) More The Delight Of Tea Drinkers?

    I don't drink tea and find that Full Virginia Flake is delightful with coffee. That's just me though.
  18. escioe

    What Tinned McClelland Virginias Do You Guys Like?

    To get this thread back on the topic of McClelland Virginias, I'm going to say that I've actually been more disappointed with some things I had really expected to like. The two big offenders were Rich Virginia Ribbon and No 24. They were fine, but too sweet and acrid, respectively, for me. The...
  19. escioe

    Perique sensitive?

    Once perique hits a certain concentration, I get the sneezes. But better that than a scalding throat.