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  1. thesmokindragon

    FIrst bowl in the morning

    Start my day with some of C&D's Mad Fiddler Flake and a Grady's cold brew, mmmm-mmm-mm
  2. thesmokindragon

    Pipe Tobacco Availability Frustration

    What we also have to remember is that over time our tastes change, so what we loved and hunted...10yrs later might just be meh, hehe...have had it happen to me several times on some of my best/loved blends 10yrs ago...enjoy today's blends as others have already said there are great ones...
  3. thesmokindragon

    Anyone Given Up On PAD for TAD?

    So my PAD was out of control for years ( upwards of around 40 choice briars, dozen cobs, 6 Meers ), now I limit myself to "1" birthday PAD so I can focus on my TAD but even the TAD has slowed since the cellar is just about right but I do enjoy discovering all those new/wonderful blends. Sav...
  4. thesmokindragon

    Anyone Happily own 1 or 2 Pipes?

    Started with only perhaps 2 12yrs 36 Briars...this number is on the rise there days 12 Cobs 6 Meers 6 Clays
  5. thesmokindragon

    Things You Hate About Pipe Smoking

    Nothing I hate about it. It brings me peace and serenity.
  6. thesmokindragon

    Meerschaum or Clay?

    Meer over Clay, for all the reasons already mentioned by other members. When I do smoke a clay, I go with a Pamplin clay.
  7. thesmokindragon

    I Assume IMP Meerschaums are Good Pipes?

    I have several IMP pipes, everyone a great smoker
  8. thesmokindragon

    Stanwell...Good or Not so Much ?

    I have several Stanwell new and old designs - they have all smoked without issues and my Golden Danish (45) has earned a "top spot" in my rotation
  9. thesmokindragon

    Any Linux Users?

    I have used Linux for years, all great distro; Mint, Ubuntu, etc. Doing support for both Windows and Linux server environments I have found alternative apps needed sometimes for my Windows needs ,but nothing ever perfect , so I just switched back to a Windows Desktop since all of my Linux...
  10. thesmokindragon

    Jim's Savinelli 140 Review.

    Just got a tin the other day and tried it in a Stanwell (45)....I now know why SP has it sold out right is just that GOOD :worship: @Jim, as always your review of this blend was "spot on", thank you my friend :puffy:
  11. thesmokindragon

    Castello Shape 55 Sea Rock KKK

    Congrats on the Castello. I have a sea rock billiard ( KK ) , it has been an amazing smoker from the very first smoke. I would suggest one to anyone :worship:
  12. thesmokindragon

    VaPer Curious

    +1/ Marlin Flake St. James Flake ( just opened a 10yrs aged jar....I'm in heaven right now with this stuff ) Solani 633 Escudo C&D Mad Fiddler ( has other other things going on within the blend , but find I like the VaPer like qualities )
  13. thesmokindragon

    Jim's Savinelli 140 Review.

    All Jim's reviews... :worship: I just snagged a tin on my recent order, can not wait to try it, my mouth was watering reading Jim's review of this blend. I'm fortunate to have my tastes be "spot on" with Jim's reviews, so I know I will get what I'm looking for when trying new blends. Thank you ...
  14. thesmokindragon

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (February 2019)

    GLP's Temple Bar in an Eltang Basic Natural Rusticated
  15. thesmokindragon

    Boswell or Tinsky??

    I have several of both, agree on very different styles. All the pipes smoke great.
  16. thesmokindragon

    Cornell and Diehl - Your Opinion

    I would suggest to try some blends with cigar leaf, they are outstanding :worship: Sorry I'm naming a bunch, but I smoke a lot of C&D blends, so the list below are what I smoke often; Mad Fiddler Flake Night Train Billy Budd Dreams of Kadath Bow Legged Bear Crooked Lane Five O'Clock...
  17. thesmokindragon

    Best place to order pipe tobacco

    Haha, didn't see the still early here..guess I need more coffee
  18. thesmokindragon

    Best place to order pipe tobacco

    +1 / - great selection, pricing and customer service all 100% for me and have been suing them for past 10yrs.
  19. thesmokindragon

    Very Stong Tobaccos - How do They Use To Age?

    +1 / mso - I find at times I want a stronger blend...but I then choose a smaller bowl to smoke it that way I don't end up on the floor. My tastes change over time and perhaps come full circle again, which I enjoy. Having a good variety of blends at hand helps all this change and you can then...
  20. thesmokindragon

    My New Girl