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  1. wyfbane

    Who Would you Initiate?

    My Grandpa Joe. Never got to meet him, but my mother was amazing and I'd like to thank him for raising her right over a bowl of Plum Pudding.
  2. wyfbane

    Greetings from HI

    Hope you and your family are not in any way heavily impacted by the disaster in Maui.
  3. wyfbane

    2 Daughters Rimboche A.B.

    Agree with those suggesting rehydration of small amounts. I wish you well. I remember when I was new to this and ordered a bunch of one pound bags of C&D blends on a super sale from SP. Some of the blends came quite dry and I asked similar questions to this. The answer I got was the same. Some...
  4. wyfbane

    Cornell & Diehl Sale

    I have more tobacco than I will ever smoke. Still, that looks like a good sale. Hope you all get tons of good tobaccos!
  5. wyfbane

    Lakeland Tobacco

    Just kind of skimming here, and I totally agree you should try any or all Lakeland tobaccos. You may want to try them in a new cob, as some have had a hard time removing that essence once it is in a pipe. Worst case, you try it with a pipe you like and then don't like the tobacco and that ghost...
  6. wyfbane

    Dan Tobacco Tumblin' Dice - Anyone Like it?

    Guess we were both wrong our "Different" since it was a batch number. But I have seen dates posted many ways, and actually hadn't heard of this tobacco back in 2018 so I wasn't sure. Dates tend to run: American usage calls for a month/day/year date format, the United Kingdom and much of Europe...
  7. wyfbane

    Hello from Spring Hill, FL!

    Welcome to the forums! Great to have you aboard.
  8. wyfbane

    Dan Tobacco Tumblin' Dice - Anyone Like it?

    I think Europe does it different. I think that is 8/18/2022.
  9. wyfbane

    Pipe Purchases from the Smitty's Pipe Show

    Well done! Those are some great looking pipes. I can only dream of getting to a pipe show at this point. Glad you enjoyed yours!
  10. wyfbane

    Hi All, New!

  11. wyfbane

    PAD Hitting Hard Lately

    I bought when I could buy. Now, I look. I am poor, poor, poor. lol.
  12. wyfbane

    Hello From Oregon!

    Southern Oregon is charming. I think you made a great pick for relocating. Enjoy!!
  13. wyfbane

    Hello From Oregon!

    Hey Peck. It's been a minute. Glad to see you on here.
  14. wyfbane

    New Canine Friend

    Nice looking dog. She has sweet eyes. Good pick!
  15. wyfbane

    Howdy from Seattle!

    Welcome. I used to live in WA. Seattle Pipe Club is a good group, if you haven't met up with them, yet.
  16. wyfbane

    Howdy from NYC